Dear Joshua,

I am about to start a new Group of teaching the Law of Attraction (200 people have already subscribed to my Group). I will speak particularly of your teachings, because they have already helped me in my life and I want to share your teachings with people who are ready for that (and I will also share what I already understand about the LOA in general). Is it good teaching this way or will it slow me down on my path?

Also, I suppose that the law of attraction will play his part in this Group (I mean that the right people will be attracted to my Group, and if it doesn’t resonate with them, they will leave). This being said, do you have any advice for me before starting? You said we can’t help people, and I understand that. Where I would like guidance is that I want to shine light of your teachings on people (and myself at the same time).

I want to be in alignment during my teachings, considering that I also have some resistance in the area of allowing the flow of money, which is the big challenge in my life right now. I don’t want to argue with my own limitations. I want to say that I am doing the best I can in each moment to stay in the worthy part of me. So any advice will be welcome.

By the way, I want to remind you that I’ve already taught the LOA (Abraham) in the past, but because of my confusion between this passion and the desire to make money, I stopped teaching, because money (I mean the flow of money) is the biggest preoccupation in my life. Since your last advice, I have change my perspective about that subject and I am doing do my best to stay aligned with my passion like you’ve already told me, forgetting the rest and the other people in my field. Thanks a lot!


Dear Audrey,

We think your idea to form a group and teach the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality in your language is a wonderful idea. The potential for incredible success is certainly within your grasp. Remember that when you teach, you are also learning. You do not need to be perfect, because you could not be more perfect. You do not have to know all the answers, because the subject is evolving and you cannot have all the answers. You don’t need your students to learn anything in particular, because each student will be able to understand that which they are a vibrational match to and you cannot know what that is. They will be drawn to you by the Law of Attraction. All you have to do is decide how big a group you want and do what you feel comfortable doing.

When you first started teaching the Law of Attraction, you were inspired to do it. The inspiration caused you to act. You imagined the joy you would receive from teaching this information. However, you were a very different person then and you have evolved. You are now ready for more. You want to teach new concepts. You want to impact people’s lives. This is a wonderful thing, but do not get to attached to that. Allow each student to come and go and learn at whatever pace suits them. You are like a lighthouse and your beam shines bright. You can shine a a light on the path, but you cannot make people choose the path. They must do this on their own and if and when they are ready, they will. Until then, just enjoy the practice of teaching and forget about the results.

Money will come as you learn to value yourself and the information you are teaching. In the beginning, the money will trickle in. However, once you hit your stride and become more confident and you understand the impact that this information can have, you will feel better about charging and accepting money. This is done through practice and experience. You must be transformed into a version of you who is comfortable accepting money in exchange for your unique ability to transform lives.

If you think about the true benefit of what you are offering, is there anything more valuable. If you can improve the quality of someone’s life, would that not be worth a lot? When people come to understand the gift you are offering, they will be happy to pay to hear you speak. But first you must allow yourself to understand the value in that. Until then, simply build your group, design your course material, present your teachings and allow the momentum to build without focussing on results.

You are going about this in just the right way and we are eager to see what comes next.

With all our love,