Dear Joshua,

I have already received responses from you and I thank you greatly! Following one of these, other questions have arisen that I am presenting to you today. By the way, I’ve received the book : “A Perception of Reality” and only 20 pages read, and I love it!! Like you told me, continuing my passion would be to provide lessons on the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws, I understand that I should not do this for money. I also understand that it is me who makes it all up by my imagination, comparing myself to others, and I would add that I look too much what others are doing in the field of my passion.

The way I present my passion to people before was through the Internet. I stopped somewhat recently, the need to receive money was more central to my concerns than to transmit lessons that I hardly can control during this time. I was not enough in alignment during that time I would say. Where I know I blocked myself is by limiting beliefs. I had one that was not to make money on the backs of others (though I begin to eliminate that one), but another that is stronger is when I look at the “Internet world” or “business in the field of personal growth”. I know there are people who have at heart the desire to help people, but when I see how they do it, it does not excite me. It is called “Internet Marketing” in our 3 dimensional world. However, this is how they make their money and seeing them (or imagining them making a lot of money in this way and sometimes taking advantage of the naivety of the people – it is my second misconception) it turns me off.

I don’t like thinking (I know… it’s my limiting belief) and that’s a “fact” in this “world”, that the big business of personal growth (some people)… make people “naive” that it is easy to “manifest” things, or money, sometimes with a particular method so they would achieve prosperity. When I re-read my question, it is clear that I’m still thinking that money will come from my passion … sorry about that Joshua, but this is at the heart of my concern for now (this money thing). Could you help me remove this from my mind, that people take advantage of others (and make lots of money by taking advantage of their naivety?)

You told me to forget the distractions of the outside world, but how to do so when I am surrounded by people who also have heart to help others and they make money? Is it my enthusiasm or passion that is not strong enough? (I think you’ve already answered my question by your reply: ” So simply teach and forget all the rest.” I think here I argue with my own limitations. You probably agree that my limiting beliefs block my creativity and again, this seems to fade my passion, especially at present time when I have no idea where the money I need will come to me, even though you told me: “By faithfully pursuing your passion, understanding what you are teaching, realizing that your passion will lead you to what you need when you need it, forgetting about the distractions of the outside world, and learning to feel better more of the time, everything you truly want will come to you.” Here I would say I understand what I teach, and in the meanwhile, doubts are irrupting and I need guidance from people (or entities) I do trust. I hear you say: “Trust yourself and your Inner guidance” while I am typing those words.

About learning to feel better and better, that’s pretty easy for me, even though that I might have some resistance, because when bills are due, this is harder to do. I feel the lack in my solar plexus and I don’t feel good during that time (only seconds… and I feel ashamed thinking that it could get worse). Could you give me an example of the way to use my imagination that I could use it to bring me money (or the ways that money could come to me) instead of thinking to borrow money and ways like that to get the money I need? In short, I don’t have enough faith, for the moment, that the universe will bring me money when I need it (while pursuing my passion), because I need money for yesterday, lol, and it’s not here yet. How do I replace this kind of thinking?

My questions are for me a “fine tuning” that I request. Because I know I create my own reality and those experiences that I am living, for me, were necessary to be lived to be able afterward helping others in the same situation (well … I think ?). I also “know” that it is necessary for me to shift the perception of my reality if I want to enjoy life in an expanded way and I am confident that this is the time for that, because I have been attracted to you Joshua, with Gary’s help! I thank you in advance, and I send you much love and thank you Gary!


Dear Audrey,

Do you think that you are the only one who feels doubt as they pursue their passion? This is a universal feeling. The exhilaration comes from pushing through the fear and doing it anyway. If you love what you do, you will have doubts along the way. The reason these doubts and fears show up is because you have decided how your path will unfold. Since you cannot know what will come and when you’ll receive what you want, when something happens that does not match the way you think things should be, you feel fear. The fear manifests itself as negative emotion. At the first sign of any negative emotion, you must stop and ask yourself, “What am I afraid of? Why do I feel bad? What’s the limiting belief here?” Then you must work to prove the belief is false.

Let’s imagine that your destiny is to become a great teacher of universal laws. Let’s imagine that you are destined to do this and it is your passion. The way you know it is your passion is by how you feel when you are doing it. Is it enjoyable? Does time go by quickly? Do you feel energized? Is it interesting? These are all indications that you have found your passion. If this is your passion, you can rest assured that you will be supported by the powers of the universe. If you are living your bliss, then you will have everything you need, when you need it. But, you have to move into a state of allowing in order to receive all that the universe will provide.

Let’s imagine another version of Audrey. We will start with this version as a child. This very different version of Audrey was loved and supported as a child. This version was told that she was exceptionally gifted and that she was worthy of all the world had to offer. This version of Audrey grew up with confidence and eventually developed an interest in universal laws and the mechanism of physical reality. She knew she came to Earth to teach and she knew that she would teach others how the universe works. She had no doubts.

This confident version of Audrey did not care about what the rest of the profession was doing. She knew she had special abilities because she understood that she was unique. She did not compare herself to others, even those who appeared more successful, because she knew she would develop a teaching style that would resonate with a specific segment of the population. She did not care what anyone thought because she realized that the Law of Attraction would bring her those people who were a vibrational match to her teachings. She was not worried about their level of understanding because she knew that each person would receive what they needed. It was not up to her to be responsible for their learning, she simply taught and allowed the students to get whatever it was that they needed.

She did not care if people were taken advantage of by others because she understood the laws of the universe and knew that the victims are a vibrational match to the scoundrels and that each is receiving something important from the relationship. It was not her job to judge or criticize others, for she understood that what she was really teaching was the alignment with who she really is. She is a beaming example of alignment.

This version of Audrey was not concerned with the accumulation or lack of money. As long as she was pursuing her passion, she was well aware that the universe would provide the money she needed when she needed it. She did not care how the money came. It could be a loan, a gift, a fee, or a paycheck from a job she also loved. She did not put any requirements on her passion. She pursued her passion when it felt good and she did other things as she felt inspired. She had no expectations for her passion and she did not rely on any specific results. As long as she was interested and enjoying the process, she was content.

This version of Audrey exists. You can become this version by reducing the intensity of your limiting beliefs. This is a process and with lots of practice, you will get good at it. You are on a journey of self-discovery and as you walk along your path to becoming the higher version of you, you will be shaped and molded along the way. We suggest the following:

Remove your attention from the outside world and find out who you are on the inside. Meditate for a few minutes every day. Understand that the world is full of possibilities and each person gets to choose whatever they want to explore. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and it will be important for you to remove your attention from anything you consider to be wrong. If you think it’s wrong, you must look at it from the higher perspective. You must find a way to make it okay. There is no wrong. Your judgment of what is right or wrong, good or bad, causes you to resist all that you want. Move into a state of allowing and do not place restrictions on your experience. If it comes to you, then it is right for you. If it comes to you, and it feels bad, you’ve just identified a limiting belief. If it feels bad, you are looking at it from a limited perspective.

Money is energy and it is attracted when you feel easy about it. You keep it away when you feel desperate for it. You keep it away when you believe it will solve your problems. Relax and it will come. If you don’t believe that it will come easily, then you will have to work for it. That is your choice. There is nothing wrong with working for money. You don’t have to, but it certainly fits in your current set of beliefs. There’s no reason you cannot have a job while pursuing your passion. Soon, you will come to a place where your job may no longer be necessary. However, you might also realize that your job has helped your passion grow and expand.

You are doing very well. Compare your present self to your past self, not to anyone else. Realize that you are on a never-ending journey and the trip is meant to be fun. There is no rush. You are moving into newer and higher versions of yourself every day. You will never be this version of you ever again so enjoy who you are and what you are doing now. Understand that the only thing you are really teaching is alignment, yet you can only be as aligned as you choose to be. Be easy on yourself because you are already at a very high level. You just have a little trouble seeing that.

You are loved.