Dear Joshua,

I heard of you from a friend. I was already an Abraham fan, so I immediately loved your teachings that add subtlety to the teachings of Abraham (I mean from my point of view…). The two books (A Perception of Reality and A Radical Change) are ordered and I await them in mid- January and I can’t wait to receive them. That being said, my question is related to my work for which I thought I was being passionate. I share the Teachings of Abraham in my own way and I have created a couple of workshops and a community of 500 followers.

While mostly feeling good, I am well aware that I have resistance which prevents the flow of energy (and therefore money) in my life. I “know” that my thoughts, beliefs, and inspired actions make sure that I reap what I sow (or I do not harvest what I “think” I will). In light of my journey, I have been for a long time with the thoughts of lack or unworthiness — (without really realizing it). I have not managed to understand “my value” and today I actually experienced this lack of money (it is temporary, of course …).

I know that I have to get out from the conditions that I have manifested and I quite easily know how to do so. However, that doesn’t help me to move to the vibrations that allow me to receive this energetic flow of money. This is due to my resistance, I think. I’ve heard other teachings saying that we can’t live with both feet in two worlds. Do you understand that statement Joshua? If so, do you know what that means?

I think I still let myself be influenced by the outside world where we must succeed and that of the interior, where, following our true passion, we can harvest the energy of money too. But at this point, it looks like my passion has faded away because basically what I want the most for now is money to keep my commitments and to be free to enjoy life in a larger way. Yes, I understand (with your teachings) that wanting money also means that I don’t want feeling the lack. So what is your perspective about that? Thank you in advance and sorry for the length of my question. If you have any other comments on what I have mentioned, I welcome them. Thanks a lot to you Joshua and Gary for your great work on earth at this time!

I love you Yours Truly, Audrey

p.s. to Gary or the Team: If you want to correct my English… please do so because I have translated my question from my French language. Thanks !

Dear Audrey,

You are absolutely worthy of conveying the principles of universal law, the power of universal truths, and the mechanism of physical reality in a way that no one else can. Your ability to understand our teachings and the teachings of others and convey them to those within your circle of influence is remarkable and very important. You are on the leading edge of thought. You are talking about radically new concepts that have the power to completely alter the trajectory of many lives. Your influence is extraordinary. All you need is a little guidance and support. All you need is to see yourself through our eyes. We can see the full power that you possess. We know all that you are capable of. We know who you really are.

You are on a spiritual journey of self-discovery as are all people. You set up your life to explore certain specific aspects of physical reality. You are a teacher, yet you suffer feelings of lack and unworthiness. Your great joy will be to move out of these fear-based feelings into becoming who you really are. You are a teacher. So simply teach and forget all the rest.

You do not teach to make money, you teach because it’s your passion. You do not uplift others for money, you do so because you could not do otherwise. You have found your passion which is a wonderful thing for so few others have found their passions. You know what it is you want which is a wonderful thing because so few know what they truly want. You are influenced by the outside world, yet you have an understanding of what lies beneath the illusion of physical reality and that is rare indeed. You have everything you need to pursue your dreams. All that is in your way is a little resistance.

Yes you see some lack, but that’s because you are comparing yourself to others in a way that makes it appear as if you are the one who is lacking rather than them. When you compare yourself to another, you are making it all up. You think that the one who has more money has a better life. But can that person influence others to the mechanism of physical reality as you can? Can that person teach as you teach? Can that person uplift others as powerfully as you can? Does that person possess the knowledge that you possess? Of course not. You have true power, they only have money, yet their life cannot be what yours is. Your life is extraordinary.

You will come to see your gift in time. Until then you must follow your passion for teaching, for this is your work. If this excites you, if it interests you, if it inspires you to take action, then this is your passion. In time, you will know your worthiness. In time you will know the abundance that belongs to you. This will all come in time. Until then, follow your passion without concern for the outcome or the results. You are on the leading edge of thought and there is not much room there. You will attract those who are ready to hear your message. In time, more will come. For now, you are simply talking to the few who are within range. Yet, without your voice, they might not find another who resonates with what they know deep down inside their hearts.

You were born into this world with full knowledge of your worthiness and the abundance that surrounds you. You have simply been influenced away from what you know. By faithfully pursuing your passion, understanding what you are teaching, realizing that your passion will lead you to what you need when you need it, forgetting about the distractions of the outside world, and learning to feel better more of the time, everything you truly want will come to you. You have nothing to do but alter your perspective so that you can see what we see when we look at the magnificence that is you.

You are loved and supported by more than you could ever imagine,