Dear Joshua,

Am I supposed to try to get a job? Is that why the money has not yet arrived?


Dear Astrid,

You have a set of beliefs around money and abundance. These beliefs are comprised of both empowering and limiting ones. You perceive that money should flow and that you are worthy of abundance, to an extent. You are happy testing the boundaries of your beliefs. You have a beneficial belief around the laws of the universe and have faith that money will come when needed. That is all very good. Now then, as you are approaching a time when it seems as if money is running out, you have the opportunity to test the intensity of all of your beliefs around abundance.

When money is in the bank, it is easy to feel secure about your abundance. You simply look at your bank account and you feel secure. However, that is simply your tool for feeling good. You use your bank balance as your excuse to perceive that you are abundant. When the balance is diminished, you use that as your excuse to feel lack and insecurity. However, you also have other ways to allow yourself to feel abundant. You rationalize that you could get a job, that you could use your channeling to generate an income, or you could even borrow the money.

But what if there is a plan for you? What if you must engage your powers, talents and attributes to generate the money you need to live? Will this violate your current set of beliefs? If you are meant to generate a flow of money through your role as a spiritual leader and teacher, because this is your soul’s purpose, will this idea violate your current set of beliefs?

If you believe that accepting money for your work as a channel is bad or wrong in some way, will you set that idea aside and instead focus on generating money in a way that corresponds to your current set of beliefs? Or will you realize that this is your path and your limiting beliefs are keeping you off your path? It’s an interesting idea. If you are to become who you truly are, then you must adjust your set of beliefs so that you can become a vibrational match to the version of you that you intended to become. If you had money in the bank, would you have reason to adjust your beliefs?

Yes, the idea of stepping into your role as a spiritual leader and teacher is scary. What if you cannot deliver information that is worth the money you are accepting? What if people label you a fraud or con artist? Could you deal with that criticism? You still attach your identity to what you do. This is limiting and has no beneficial purpose. Leave your doubt at the door and move forward to become who you truly are. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance on a journey of self-discovery as you explore your role as a spiritual leader and teacher. Yes, you have some limiting beliefs, but you also have some very empowering beliefs. Yes, you fear negative comments and reactions from others, yet this is due to your need to be defined and appreciated by what you do rather than who you truly are. It means nothing, it’s simply a limited way to explore who you are.

You have obvious gifts, talents and attributes. Others can see it more easily than you can. Why is this? Because you are fooled by the illusion that you are not enough. So then, either recede into the painful existence of fear and shame or move past your fears to explore who you really are. You receive inspiration all of the day. You perceive that most of those ideas are silly or crazy. Yet, if those inspiring ideas come to you, then they have been sent to you only because you are vibrationally ready for them. Yes, not every experience will be joyful. That is due to the existence of limiting beliefs. However, as you move forward to embrace who you truly are and what you have to offer, you will be led step by step to the natural unfolding of the life you intended to live

That life is joyful, free and abundant.
You will always be given everything you need to do whatever you intended to do. If that’s the ability to speak, then you will speak. If that’s the ability to write, then you will write. If that’s the ability to channel, then you will channel. If that’s the ability to pay your rent, then the money will come. You always receive everything you need to do whatever you need to do. If the only way to receive abundance is through a job (because that’s all you will allow based on your set of beliefs), then the job will come. However, inspiration will always come before the manifestation of anything into your reality. You might receive the inspiration to create something others will pay for based on the information you are here to teach, but your limiting beliefs do not allow you to act on that inspiration. The fear seems too great. The inspiration may come to get a job, but your limiting beliefs bring up fear around that too. There is no right or wrong way to receive what you need. You are always receiving inspiration. It’s your limiting beliefs that cause you to become paralyzed by fear. And so you do very little of what you’re inspired to do.

The fears are irrational and false. The limiting beliefs are intense. You feel as if you are already pushing past so many fears and this is true. However, you are being limited in so many ways. This limitation prevents you from living the life you desire. As you push past fear, you gain confidence. Unless you come to the end of your money, will you ever push past fear? Possibly not. Therefore, the money serves only to limit you. When the money is gone, you will force yourself to act. That’s just how the system is designed. We see it as a perfect system.

With our love,
We are Joshua