Hi Joshua,

You say we are all worthy and complete, that we are enough as we are. You also say we need to find our passion. I still don’t know my passion, and I don’t feel a pull to do anything in particular… So how can I be enough, how can I be living right when I don’t DO anything? Yes I want to experience even more abundance, but then what? Shouldn’t I want more? Shouldn’t I have a purpose?

Thank you! Astrid

Dear Astrid,

Right now, where you stand is the highest and most complete version of you that has ever existed. You are at a higher vibration than ever before. You have reached vibrational alignment with us. Few on Earth have achieved this high vibration. Right where you stand, at this very high and perfectly complete spot, is the perfect place to go forth and find all that you want out of this life.

You do not need to regret the past or worry for the future. Certainly things have happened which have created some fear and doubt, but you can leave that all behind if you choose to do so. You also have the choice to allow it to limit your experience. It is up to you.

You have birthed a desire to find your passion and the universe will respond. All you have to do is somehow manage to ease your resistance and move into a state of allowing. If you can do this, your curiosity will come alive once again. You will find interest in certain things. You will move in the direction of your interest and if you allow yourself to dig a little deeper, without letting fear or doubt creep in, you’ll soon discover something you’re passionate about.

You have had many interests, but often you discount your abilities or the merits of these interests right from the start. You don’t give yourself the chance to become fully engaged. You have an irrational fear of failure. It’s irrational because you cannot fail. You have already found success when you find anything that interests you.

If it interests you, you have the ability to fully immerse yourself in the subject and you will not fail unless you give up. The fact that you find interest in something means that it is right for you. You’ve somehow come into vibrational alignment with it. If it’s in your reality, you found the right vibration that matches it. If it comes to you, the Law of Attraction brought it and LOA never makes mistakes.

You certainly don’t need to find your passion. You don’t need to do anything. It’s just that you intended to explore physical reality and you intended to discover things that caught your interest. When you finally find your passions, your life will be a little bit brighter and more interesting. Don’t stop looking, just stop resisting and soon an interest will lead to another interest and to another one until you find something that causes a spark within you. Let the spark turn into a fire and you’ll soon be engaged in your passions and life will be blissful.