Dear Joshua,

I have a question around the subject of abundance and manifesting money. I sometimes like to play casino slots online. Although I try to convince myself that this is for the fun of it, there is definitely, at the back of my mind, the distinct motivation that I could win big money. About a month ago I was inspired to play again one weekend after a long time without doing so. I was feeling good, and thought that spending a few pounds (I’m in the UK) would be fun and wouldn’t mean a big deal for my wallet if I lost. I ended up winning the equivalent of $500 that weekend. Nothing really life-changing, but it was a lot of fun.

I then naively thought that if I could reproduce that state of being, I could perhaps replicate that success. To cut a long story short, I have now lost about twice that amount in the past month. Although this has caused a bit of a wobble in my abundance vibration (I have spent the money I was going to use on a holiday), I have decided to laugh it off. I thought that the lesson I should learn from this manifestation event, was that I should focus exclusively on feeling good and abundant, and allow the money to come to me in whichever way it can, rather trying to take actions with the underlying thought of attracting it. I would be interested to get your infinite intelligent perspective on this to see if I am on the right trackā€¦

With unconditional love and acceptance,

Dear Arnaud,

The universe has a funny way of teaching, doesn’t it. It seems logical to believe that replicating winning energy would replicate winning money. But why in the universe would that approach not work? Why does it go against the laws of the universe? There’s a very simple explanation. This is a universe of receiving, not taking or getting. You allow what you truly want to come to you, and that’s not always what you think you want. Don’t worry about it. No one really gets it either.

You think you want money, but you don’t. What you want is the feeling money gives you. So what is that feeling? It’s sort of hard to define. Is it freedom? Well you have that, so why would money give you a sense of freedom. Because you are focused on lack of freedom and you believe that money will solve that problem. This idea goes against the laws of the universe. What you are doing by attempting to feel good is trying to solve a problem. However, there is no problem and you are focused on creating a solution where no problem exists. Therefore, your focus is on the problem, not the solution. That’s okay. It still works out. It caused you to ask this very interesting question and allows us to bring you and everyone else, a very revealing and exciting answer.

What you truly want is freedom, abundance, love, harmony, creation, expression, ease, and joy. Will money give you any of these things? No. However, when you believe it will, you are believing that these things are lacking and so you are focused on the wrong end of the stick and this causes you to attract that which you do not want, which is lack of freedom, abundance, love, harmony, creation, expression, ease, and joy. All of these things you have now. You can bring in more if that is what you desire, but you do not lack anything. There is nothing to fix. You are perfect as you are now and so is your life. Nothing is wrong. Nothing needs to change. You can birth the desire for things to change, but until you remove your focus from what you think is lacking, your desires will have a difficult time manifesting, and when they do, they will not feel like you think they will.

Imagine you feel lack of abundance and so you buy a lottery ticket. You feel good and hopeful when you buy the ticket and you win a million pounds. How nice. However, since you were focused on lack before you bought the ticket, on solving some nonexistent problem, the emergence of money will not change how you feel. You will still feel lack after you win the money and so you will end up losing the money and feeling even more lack. The attention to lack causes the feeling of lack to grow more. The attention to anything causes it to grow more. Focus on the abundance that exists in your life now and that abundance will grow. Focus on the lack and the lack will grow. This is why so many who win the lottery lose it within an incredibly short amount of time.

You are not defined by the conditions that exist in your life. Just because you have a job, a place to live, friends, etc., that does not have anything to do with who you really are. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are more magnificent than you can imagine. You are living a somewhat limited life due to the effects of irrational fear. Remove the fear layer by layer and you’ll remove your own selfimposed limitation. Focus on what is good, and the good will grow. Focus on the magnificence that is you as you are now, without anything needing to change, and your magnificence will begin to emerge in ways you will not believe.

There is no lack, there is only abundance. There are no limitations, there is only freedom. There is no sorrow, there is only joy. There is nothing wrong, everything is right. Live by these words and you will be able to maintain your focus on the end of the stick that you personally prefer. This approach to life works perfectly with the laws of the universe and it is the only effective approach we know of.

With our love,
We are Joshua