Dear Joshua,

Thank you for the answer to my previous question, which has been illuminating. I have another question for you: how can we best deal with resistance (or fears) around strong desires that have a specific expiration date? Or, to put it another way, how can we best allow a strong desire to achieve something by a certain deadline? Is that even possible, or based on a false premise in itself?

Let me explain with an example. Ever since I have discovered the Teachings of Joshua, around ten months ago now, I have been an avid listener of the podcasts (both the roundtables and Joshua Live). When I found out about the Joshua Caribbean cruise in March, I immediately felt a very strong desire to participate. The thought was very exciting. I can already feel and picture how delightful it would be to spend a whole week on that cruise ship with like-minded people. I can anticipate the wonders it would do to my vibration, and also the impact this would have on my life.

However, there are a couple of factors, which you would probably call fears, that seem in the way. Firstly, the date of the cruise coincides with a date when a big change is taking place at my work which would require my presence in the office, and therefore make it very difficult for me to take the time off. Secondly, I live in the UK, and organising the trip would require a sum of money which I don’t currently have.

Theoretically, I can see how these two points are just two aspects of my perception that express personal fears: fear of losing my job, fear of missing a life-time opportunity if I don’t go on the cruise, fear of judgment from people if they find out I am going on that cruise, fear of running out of money, etc. I have been trying to soothe my vibration by telling myself that, if, for some reason, I couldn’t attend this particular cruise, it would be perfect anyway, and that there would be many other opportunities for me to attend future events, and that I would still be able to get the benefits from this cruise through the podcasts.

Last week, something occurred which, again, changed my perspective. The deadline for the big change at work was postponed by a few weeks, effectively giving me an opportunity to book that time off, if I wanted to. Now, I have been wondering whether that was a sign that the path was opening up for me and that I should pursue it. The money is still an issue though, and three weeks away from the actual event, I am wondering whether I have not already missed the boat, so to speak. In any case, I like to play with the idea and continue to imagine that something will come up at the last minute, and that I will be able to make my way there. I would love to hear your take on this, as I believe this could be applied to many situations in which we try to manifest a particular outcome by a specific date.

With all my love,

Dear Arnaud,

There is only one way for the universe to work: it’s by giving you everything you need, when you need it. There are only two things you can do: allow the universe to give you what you want or resist it. That’s the entire system. Your job is to allow what you want to come to you and to ease your resistance. If you can do that, and if you can focus on what it is you truly want, then everything will unfold magically.

You birth desires all the time. The universe starts working to bring you those desires the instant they are created. Now, if what you want does not exist in your reality, it means that you are not a vibrational match to it yet. The universe must change you to match it. Your vibration must come in the vicinity of the vibration of the thing you want so that it can manifest into your reality. Your vibration must be altered.

Your vibration is the set of beliefs you possess, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your fears, your perception of reality, your expectations and other such things. Those aspects of you create your vibration and your vibration is a perfect match to everything that currently exists in your reality in the way you personally perceive it. So if you want something new, you must alter your vibration. You must add something to your mix; like a new beneficial belief. Or maybe you reduce the intensity of a limiting belief. Maybe you come into alignment with your inner self and you receive inspiration. Maybe you become interested in something and this alters your beliefs. Maybe you become excited about something and you are inspired to take action. However, before you take action, maybe you consider the fears that pop up and this prevents you from taking action.

This is simply how physical reality works. You come here with a set in intentions to explore reality in a way that has never been experienced by anyone ever before or ever again. It is your unique experience that adds to the expansion of the universe and it is highly valuable indeed. You cannot get it wrong because no matter what you choose to experience, it will be unique and valid. You can live to a hundred years and your experience of life would be just as valid as the experience of an infant who dies at birth. It all adds to the overall experience of the universe. It is all good, which means that no matter how you choose to life your life, you cannot fail.

However, now that you are here you have birthed certain desires and you may manifest those desires into your reality. If you can, you will enjoy the process of life. If you are held back by fear, you will feel the dissonance of resistance. You cannot make a mistake. Resistance is there for a purpose. It’s like the brakes on a car. They are necessary at certain times, like when you’re moving too fast. But some people apply the brakes continuously and this slows down the experience and expansion of life.

There are two approaches to life. You were taught the old approach. This old approach states that you must survive on your own. That it’s up to you to succeed or fail. That you alone must make things happen. That the outside conditions dictate how you should feel. If the conditions are good, then you can feel good, but if the conditions are bad, then you must feel bad. The new approach to life states that you are taken care of under the loving embrace of the universe, that all you want will be provided for you when you need it (as long as you allow it), that you have an inner self who is guiding you toward all that you want, that you choose how you want to feel and the conditions form around that, and that your only job is to create an environment that allows you to receive all that you’ve asked for. This is a universal law. This is how the system works whether you are in the nonphysical realm or the physical realm. It is all the same.

The only difference in the physical realm is that you can feel fear and that you can perceive reality from a limited perspective. In the nonphysical realm, we cannot feel fear, nor can we view anything from a limited perspective. You believe in the illusion that things can happen to you, while we know that everything that happens is happening for you. You believe that you create your own thoughts, and we know that your thoughts are attracted to you by the vibration you are emitting. You receive thoughts and you send thoughts. You receive inspiration and you attract fearful thoughts. This is just how it is. You either push through the fear and take action or you succumb to the fear and take no action. Either way it is right, for there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. But sometimes it is advantageous to take action when inspired and push through the irrational fear. We’ll let you decide when the time is right to do that.

With our love and appreciation for you,
We are Joshua