Dear Joshua,

I’ve been practising the law of attraction for a year now and I realize that I’m responsible for everything that I attract into my life. I am happy with all areas of my life, but what bothers me is that I can’t find a job. I’ve been looking for it for a year now ever since I got laid off and I’ve been using all of the techniques I have used for other areas, but to no avail. For every job I didn’t get I told myself that it wasn’t meant for me or that something better is coming. I did everything to keep my vibration high and to feel good.

I always get to the end of the job hiring process, so after a certain number of rejections I feel totally powerless. I know this is the lowest vibration, so I pick myself up and start everything all over again. Just recently I was called to be tested for my dream job. I went and nailed it, but they told me they can’t offer me the job now. I was so frustrated. I don’t know what to do anymore. I accepted my present situation, I try to have fun with it, enjoy the things that make me happy, so how is it possible that I’m not a vibrational match to any of the jobs I’ve applied for?

Can I just say that the unemployment in my country is over 40% and that the economy barely exists. People here work without being paid for their work (modern slavery, can you believe it). Everyone is complaining about the corruption, criminal activities and nepotism when it comes to work. I believe that you can find a job in an honest way, but I just keep getting the evidence of the contrary. So I’m asking you, can outer circumstances be stronger than the law of attraction? Can collected consciousness of a nation (which is at the lowest vibration possible in my country) cause such a deep impact on individuals unconsciously that we struggle so long to get a job? Please, tell me what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to endure so much frustration in my job search to get somewhere? Thank you so much for your reply!


Dear Antonija,

When you begin to see another perspective to reality, one that you understand that you have control over the course of your life, the conditions of your life and the creation of your life, you will at times become frustrated. This is quite normal and there is a reason for this. You must change your habit of thought and belief that carries with it so much momentum and realize you are just starting out learning about the powers of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. For instance, when you learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, you understand the concept immediately, but it takes practice before you can hit the bulls-eye every time.

Simply knowing that there is a mechanism behind physical reality is a wonderful thing. Yet that knowing can lead to frustration when you want things to be different than they are and you believe that either you cannot use what you know to create the life you want or that the universe just isn’t responding to you because of some large outside factors that cause you to be the one exception to the rule.

So here is what we say to you and all those who are becoming frustrated by their perceived inability to control the conditions of their life: you are doing a wonderful job, you simply are not giving yourself enough credit and herein lies your resistance. Everything you want is given to you the moment you say you want it. It is all coming to you. Can you believe that? If so, that’s marvelous. If you can allow it to come, it will flow easily and naturally into your life in the most elegant manner possible at just the right time. Everything you want works this way.

Do you think it is easier for others who live in more prosperous countries to use the Law of Attraction and other universal powers to get what they want? That depends on how you look at it. Most people create without any conscious understanding of what they’re doing. They simply decide they want something and have little or no resistance about it and the thing comes easily to them. If they expect it to come, it comes because there is no resistance. If they live in a place where everyone gets what they want, then they understand that it is not only possible for them, but is natural and thus they allow it to come into their lives. But there are many people in that same country who do not get what they want. Why is that? It’s because they don’t believe they should get it, are worthy of it, or that there is some outside force keeping it from them.

There is almost always limits to what one believes possible regardless of where they live. It is a matter of perception. In your country, you believe it is difficult (though not impossible) to get a job. In other countries most believe it is easy to get a job, yet it is difficult to become a manager, or a director, or a chairman, etc. Many believe it is easy to get a low-paying job, but very difficult to get a good job. It is all a matter of perception.

So here is our answer to you. Before you were born you set certain intentions. Most of your intentions were general in nature. You intended to love and be loved. You intended to experience joy and happiness. You intended to experience abundance and freedom. You also intended one or more specific things. You intended to find out what you’re here to explore through following your interests and passions. You intended to experience bliss.

In order to get you started in the right direction and set a trajectory for what it is you intended to do here in this lifetime, you chose your parents and the country and exact time and place of your birth. You chose to live where you are living now in this time of awakening and great change. Technology is allowing this change to take place and you have more opportunity, through technology, than almost all of those who have ever lived on Earth before. You, right now, stand at the perfect place ready to find what you are here to explore. You might feel as if you wish the conditions were different, but believe us when we tell you that by being right where you are, you have the best opportunity to pursue what you came here to do. It is all unfolding perfectly as long as you stop resisting it by blaming conditions on outside influences. This does not matter other than to distract you from what you’re here to do and explore.

There is no better time to be right where you are for you to discover what you specifically came here to discover. So stop blaming the way things are and start thinking about what you personally want. Nothing has any effect on you unless you give it your attention. You must now radically change your approach to life.

Your parents, your family, your friends, all believe that the system is corrupt and their beliefs have an influence on you. However, you know people who have made it despite the system of corruption. You can see examples of those following their passions. Look around. Find those examples. Understand that you can do it too. Forget about anything that is other than what you want. You don’t need to pay attention to it. Live and work outside the system that everyone else is focused on.

Now then, about that job, why do you want it? What is the real reason you want the job? What do you think the job will bring? These are very important things to think about. Most people want a job for the money. They believe the money will give them feelings of worthiness and security. Obviously, jobs do not provide either. You must feel worthy first. You must feel secure first. Then the job you choose can be one that allows you to explore some interest or passion. The only purpose a job brings is to allow you to pursue something you’re interested in. You can also do this without a job. The job allows you to create with others, or you can follow your interests and passions on your own. The job is not the only route to get where you want to go.

You have done a wonderful thing by understanding that if you do not get a certain job, then that job was not right for you. This is true. But when you don’t get a job you believe was right, you feel wronged by the universe. Here’s the key; you cannot know what lies ahead and how the universe will bring you exactly what you want. You try to imagine it and you believe that the job you want will get you there. But you can’t even see one day ahead, let alone many years. The fact that you did not get the job is a good thing. The fact that you went on the interview was a good thing. Your attitude and emotional state of being will determine what happens next. Will you give up or are all these events leading to what you want?

You emit a very strong vibration and the universe responds to the vibrational signal you are sending in the moment. When you send the signal of frustration, the universe responds with more frustration. When you send the signal of hope, belief and trust, the universe gives you signs to follow and will lead you in the right direction. Everything you want is unfolding and you’re on the right track. We can see it and we can also see your amazing ability to focus despite those around you who have already given up. You are doing incredibly well and we are excited to watch how you will allow everything to unfold from a stance of faith and focus.

The most important thing is to ferociously pursue your interests. Do anything that is interesting in the moment. Don’t give any attention at all to anything you might deem as bad or wrong. Do not engage in conversations revolving around anything unwanted. Never watch the news and try to meditate every day. Learn to control what you’re thinking about, what you’re talking about, and what you’re giving your attention to. Shift into an attitude of gratefulness and everything will change for you.

You are loved more than you could ever imagine.