I’m having a lot of LOA successes with green lights, warm sunny days, close parking spots, pleasant days at work, etc. – everything but money. The past four months I’ve felt the best I have in my entire life. I’ve been doing manifesting exercises, made peace with where I am, wrote my new money story and read it every day with joy (really getting into it like its a done deal and saying thank you for it).

I’ve been going to sleep feeling good, waking up feeling good, practicing appreciation, practicing seeing abundance, and I know that I can feel good now, before anything manifests, and I’ve been feeling good, finding ways to enjoy myself and have a good time.

I’ve been doing so well, so where’s my stuff?

Abraham says that it can take as little as 30 days for things to begin manifesting, yet nothing seems to be happening in regards to what I really want.

I am antsy and tired of waiting for my desires to manifest. They feel so totally possible for me and I truly believe I can have them. I feel very comfortable with them and worthy of them, and they feel normal to me. I totally see myself living that life. I’ve even completely let it go recently and just focused on feeling good. And nothing, no significant external shifts.

I did some money exercises lately and besides manifesting a penny, a few $1 bills and one $5 bill, I seem to have little success with manifesting money. I tried the exercises on the blog, like manifesting $500 in 10 days and I’ll specify for it to be money coming outside of my work paycheck, and nothing.

It’s already been two years since I radically and genuinely changed my beliefs and attitude about money to a very positive one. I’ve invited it into my experience numerous times. And I do appreciate the money that is coming in. I’ve even placed a $100 bill into my wallet as suggested by Abraham and have been vibrationally spending it on whatever I want. So what’s going on?

I feel like I could get an A+ for how well I’ve been doing, so why is all I’m hearing crickets? I feel like I’ve changed so much internally, like I’ve really transformed positively, so I wonder why there isn’t much transforming in the external environment.

If you could shed some light, I would really appreciate it!!

Dear Conscious Creator,

You’ve done a wonderful job on feeling good. We can see that you focus has shifted considerably in the direction of feeling good. You feel good when you wake up and you concentrate on feeling good throughout the day. This is a feeling reality and the only thing that really matters is how you feel. Since you already feel good, why do you want the money? You want the money because you think it will make you feel good. Do you see the contradiction here?

If you truly felt good, you would not want the money. The money would be a side effect of feeling good. The money would come to support whatever your interests were in the moment. The money would be there when needed. You want the money so you can live a better lifestyle; one with more stuff or one free from worry. The money itself is meaningless. You just think the key to feeling better is the money. It is not. The money is simply a reflection of how you feel.

So don’t be upset. This is the most common misapplication of the Law of Attraction. As you are practicing feeling good, you are really just attempting to coerce the universe into bringing money so that you will actually feel good. What you are doing is pretending to feel good until the money comes when you think you will actually feel good. It just doesn’t work this way. Be honest about how you feel. Focus on what is interesting to you now, in each moment. Forget about the money because until you do, you will continue to vibrate lack.

What you are doing is comparing yourself as you stand now to where you think you would like to be. You imagine life with excess money and you think it would be better. However, your current life is already abundant in so many things. You have air to breathe, a place to sleep, food to eat and people to love. You are more fortunate than you can know. The feeling of lack robs you of the feeling of appreciation. Don’t let that happen. Focus on the abundance you do have and forget about the money. Only then will it be able to manifest itself into your personal version of reality.