Dear Joshua,

I am concern if I am on the right path with my career. My dream is to sell my crochet designs to upscale department stores and to work full time for my husband who develop a software called Pay Alert! Will my dreams come to fruition between 2015-2016. I want to be financially debt free and live my life of true abundance not having to work for anyone and have all my bills paid off….I am tired of call center jobs but know I have to do it for now to pay the bills. Please Advise what do you see in my future.

Thank you,

Dear Anita,

Here’s how life works. You take action thinking that the action will solve a problem. However, action in and of itself has little power. What is important is how you feel after you’ve taken the action. If you feel good, then you’re on the right track. If you feel bad, if you don’t like the result, if you don’t like where you are, then you assume you should take more action to free yourself from the conditions you do not like. This is the hard way of doing things.

Here’s what we suggest:

You come to this life wanting to explore certain aspects of physical reality. The way you find out what your purpose is, or rather what you intended to explore, is to follow your interests and pursue your passions. If something gives you joy, that is your indication that you’ve found an interest that will lead to your purpose. Whenever you engage in something that has the potential for joy, you’ve found your path.

The universe will always support you if you are following your passions and you are not too worried about money. It is your fear around the subject of money that limits your pursuit of your passions. As long as you are immersed in what interests you, no matter what that is, you’ll receive as much money as you will allow. The more confident you become, the more money you will allow to flow to you.

On the other hand, if you take a job you do not like just because you think it’s the only way to make money, you will feel negative emotion, you will not experience joy and you will become frustrated as you think more about your passion. This is not a bad thing because it creates an even stronger desire within and hopefully you will follow that desire at some point.

The timing is always up to you. You create the life you want by focussing fearlessly on your interests and passions. If you feel fear, you may not be ready. If you feel confident that what you’re doing has value, then you will be supported in your endeavors. But you must remember, that it is your job to focus on the value your passion brings to the world and be fearlessly confident in what you’re doing. Until then, you might have to work for someone else and allow your desire to form itself fully in your heart and mind.

You are loved more than you can imagine and supported by more that you could count.