Dear Joshua,

My question is why do I sacrifice my own growth AKA getting the love I deserve.


Dear Trisha,

We love the opportunity to answer your question and we know our answer will resonate with you on a very deep level. You have such a strong understanding of the nature and laws of the universe and you are in the perfect place, in this moment in time, to receive our answer. Many people ask questions from a place of lack, or fear, or worry and they are unable to hear the answers to their problems. However, due to your high level of understanding that comes from your study of universal laws, we know that our answer will be realized by you in a very strong and powerful way.

Your desire to be loved, unconditionally, is very strong. You have searched for this love all of your life and you have found it many times. You have felt it for others often and your desire to feel it again is intense. It is much more intense than most people. You yearn for it and when you do not receive it in the manner you believe is necessary or proper, you feel that it might be unatainable. But the answer to this desire, like all desires, lies within.

You believe that you must love another unconditionally and that they must love you. Their actions determine their love for you in your mind. But, since you cannot create in another’s reality, you have no control over the intensity of their love for you nor over the means by which they demonstrate their love for you. You can only create in your reality. Your perception of their love is clouded by your feelings of love in general. This is the most important thing we can say to you and we know you will understand it immediately:

You must come to unconditionally love yourself before you can receive or give unconditional love to another.

What you have been seeking on the outside world has been within you this entire time. You understand that you must connect with your inner self but you are wary of that connection. You do not realize that your inner self loves you more than words can express and it is time for you to love yourself in return.

You do not need to be anyone other than who you really are to be loved. You do not need the love of another to prove your worthiness. You are worthy beyond measure and any persona you adopt in order for another to love you is not necessary or even effective. Just be who you are and love yourself and you’ll attract those who will love you more than you have imagined.

This is our promise to you. You are loved. You only need to love yourself and only yourself to experience all the love that we have for you. It is only up to you. You hold the key. Believe in your worthiness and see the beauty we all know and see in you. You are perfect as you are and there is nothing that you need do but be who you really are.