Dear Joshua,

Recently, I have gone through a divorce and am now feeling so free, but have gained some weight and not loving myself unconditionally, nor do I want to be “seen” when I go out. I have an understanding that this will fall away when it no longer serving a purpose in my life. I have attempted to find a limiting belief that is keeping the weight on but haven’t quite found that. I am a very sensitive and sensual person and when I feel energies to be quite intense, I do eat heavier to ground myself. I would love some insight into how I could clear this. Thank you so much.


Dear Stacey,

You are trying to protect yourself from emotional harm. You believe the added weight will make you less attractive and thereby keep you safe. You are missing the reality of the mechanism of physical reality. You are always safe. When you begin to release some of the fear, you will return to your normal body shape.

The fear is you will fall in love and expose yourself to the same emotional pain as you have experienced in past relationships. You must come to understand that the emotional pain you feel does not come from the other person. The other person has no ability to create in your reality. You are simply looking at the situation in a way that causes you pain. You are choosing a perspective that is not at all in alignment with who you really are or what you truly want.

Your emotions are your guidance system in this reality. When you feel negative emotion, it is a signal that you are looking at the present moment in a way that is not beneficial. It is a sign that a deeply-held limiting belief is present. The belief is based in some irrational fear. The belief is false. You must find the fear and prove to yourself that the belief is false. Find evidence that proves the belief is false and you will reduce the intensity of that limiting belief. Once you accomplish this, you’ll feel relief. That is another emotion, a positive one, and it is a signal that you have found a perspective that is in perfect alignment with who you really are.

Negative emotions signify limiting beliefs and positive emotions indicate beneficial beliefs. You have a certain vibrational signal that you emit out to the universe. Your vibration carries within it all of that which you desire. The universe is responding to your vibration. It is bringing you everything you want. When you harbor fear, you resist what the universe is trying to bring to you. Fear places you in a state of resistance. In this state, nothing can change. Your goal is to move into a state of allowing where everything you want can come to you.

The state of allowing is achieved when you do not resist what is happening in your life as well as what has happened in your past. When you hold resentment and feel that other people should have acted differently, you are resisting all that is coming to you. When you have a desire and resist it at the same time, you cause inner conflict and stress on the body. The stress often takes the physical appearance of extra body weight. Relieve the stress by allowing that everything that has happened and is happening is for your higher good. You may not be able to see it from where you stand, but have faith that it was all for you. Everything that has happened in the past has brought you here. You have never been here before. Your vibration has never been this high before. You have found us and this is proof that everything is happening to move you to the place you want to be. We are happy you’re here now.

You are a pure positive being of love. The only way you can mask this fact is by holding onto irrational fear. Release the fear, enjoy being single again, have fun, and you’ll be amazed by what happens.

You are loved.