Hello Joshua,

In dating, I attract interesting men and women, but the ones who seem to want to stick around the longest are those who are preoccupied with their physical maladies. Dreary, sad, worried.

What is my limiting belief here? Do I think the happy, healthy ones won’t stay? I’m pretty sure I feel fully worthy of the partners I want, but do my manifestation events suggest otherwise?

These people tend to be artists. I have no idea if that’s part of what I’m attracting.

Thank you for the podcasts and live streams!!


Dear Roxanne,

Your reality is a construct created through the vibrational frequency you are emitting and it is all good. There is no wrong in any of it. It is a perfect reflection of your vibration. It might be best to define this aspect of your life as the subject of an exploration. What are you exploring?

Are you exploring those who are fooled by the illusion of their physical or mental maladies? Do you see them as flawed? What might cause you to notice a perceived flaw? It has to do with this exploration. In attracting someone without flaws, what would that mean? Would it mean that you are worthy of mates without flaws? Can you only attract what you perceive to be damaged people? If you had no limiting beliefs in that area, you could not perceive them as flawed or damaged in any way. You would perceive them as perfect as they are, for indeed, this is the case.

Yes, you are worthy of attracting the mates who suit your current exploration. Are you comfortable seeking and finding those without flaws of any kind or are you more comfortable in the presence of the imperfection that seems so apparent in others? Does it mask or soothe your own perceived imperfection? The fact is that you are perfect as you are now and any perceived imperfection is nothing more than an illusion. When you perceive an imperfection in another person, that too is an illusion. Your work is not to find and catch the perfect mate, it’s to see your perfection as you exist now. As you remove the illusion of imperfection in yourself, all others and the conditions that exist in the moment, you raise your vibration and attract from an entirely new level of awareness.

The illusion that you are flawed in some respect (whatever that may be), is included in your vibration and so you receive an exact mirror to that vibration. Do not seek to fix the mirror by controlling conditions, other people or yourself. Rather, see the reflection for what it is. It is information. It is telling you the truth about your vibration. It is happy to show you what you feel inside. It is simply the physical representation of your current vibration. Raise your vibration and you attract a new reality.

How does one raise their vibration? They become more aligned with love and less influenced by fear. There is nothing to fear. You have a certain set of beliefs, some of which are empowering and some of which are limiting. The limiting beliefs are all false and you can prove that they are false. There is nothing wrong with the type of person you are attracting now. However, you can conduct a new exploration and see what that brings. Which exploration do you prefer? Do you feel more comfortable in the presence of the flawed or the perfect? If you could not see the difference between the flawed and the perfect, you would only attract the perfect. However, if you perceive that certain potential mates seem too perfect, you might feel uncomfortable in their presence. This discomfort is caused by one or more limiting beliefs. Those limiting beliefs about yourself are at the root of the vibration you are emitting that seems to attract flawed mates.

With our love,
We are Joshua