Hi Joshua,

I was thinking about a fear and its accompanying limiting belief, and I couldn’t answer for myself whether the fear was “rational” or not.

I’m afraid that exploring my sexuality will lead to dis-ease. It’s not a lion in the living room. It won’t end my life immediately Does that mean it’s irrational?

Thank you!

Dear Roxanne,

Fear can be analyzed to determine if it is something you should consider before making a decision or if it is irrelevant. We call fear either rational or irrational. If there is a clear and present threat to your physical body or life in the moment, then the fear can be determined to be rational. If not, we consider the fear irrational.

All fear will bring forth urges to change the conditions. You can see how this is vital when looking at a rational fear. If there is a lion in your living room, then the urge to leave (to change the conditions) is advisable, because not leaving could lead to your death or physical harm. However, if the lion is on the television, then there is no real danger and you need not change the channel just because you are a bit uncomfortable.

Is the fear of flying rational or irrational. Well, if the airplane crashes, then this would lead to your death or other physical harm. However, the chances of the airplane crashing are so remote that this is not considered a rational fear. It is limiting. It might cause you to seek other forms of transportation. But those other forms are no less threatening to your life. Therefore, you must look at the fear rationally and understand if there is a real threat or not.

Look at who you truly are. You are a magnificent and limitless being of love and acceptance. If you are inspired to do something that aligns with who you really are, then your action is based in love and it will always lead to your highest good and the good of all others involved. If you are taking action out of fear, then the action will always be to change the conditions and never result in what you truly want. It is not wrong, it’s just not an effective way to navigate this reality.

If you want to explore your sexuality, then as long as it is aligned with love and you are doing it out of the inspiration you’ve received, then it will always lead to your highest good. If you receive an idea to fix some perceived problem in your life, then you will encounter manifestation events. The manifestation events simply point out limiting beliefs.

The act of sex can be done in complete alignment with love and it is in itself a lovebased activity and part of the wonderful array of experiences available to you. Is it dangerous? Only to those who are in need of a manifestation event pointing out a limiting belief. However, on the whole, sex is a wonderful thing. All you have to do is process your fear and raise your vibration to a level that will attract an equally highvibrational partner. In doing this, you remove the wobble of fear and realize the great joys inherent in this activity.

With our love,
We are Joshua