Hi Joshua ,

I never fell in love all these 26 years in my life until I met a boy two years ago. I met him second time in life. Earlier I had met him 8 years ago – but there was zero interaction. I kinda used to feel weird repulsion on seeing him. Whenever I saw him I felt like to leave the place for reasons I do not know even today. This time after getting to know him, interacting with him plus the series of co-incidences that led to our friendship make me feel he is the one for me. In fact I feel he is my soulmate. We like each other. I want him to be my life partner. But for family reasons [caste, tradition] he says its not possible to get married. I feel hurt. If he is not the one for me why do I still strongly feel he is the one? Is it true that God decides who partners us in life? If I let go of him will I get to meet the one God has planned for me? Please answer. Thanks.

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Paridhi,

There are many things we want to say to you and there is a lot involved with your question. First of all, it is our deepest wish for you to know that there is no outside deity picking out who you may and who you may not fall in love with. You are free to fall in love with anyone and everyone. This is who you are at your core. You are a being of love and so are all other beings. Your fears and other people’s fears block the natural and free expression of love. If you release fear, love will grow.

There is not one person who is your soulmate for you are soul mates with all people on the planet. You are one with them and you have the ability to love any and all of them. If you were alone on a deserted island with almost anyone you know, and there was no fear involved in the environment, you would come to love that person in a matter of days. If you were attracted to the other person, you would fall in love very quickly as long as there was not the existence of fear. Fear is what keeps you from truly loving anyone or anything.

So now you understand that there is no “one” person for you. There are millions of possibilities. If you have made it to the high vibration of love, then ideas about love and expressions of love will start showing up in your reality. You find this person you have known before and you feel love. You did not feel love before because you had not yet reached the proper vibration. You were not quite ready. There are no coincidences and it was no accident that you met again. This was the path of least resistance for the universe. You believe you must know who you are going to love before that person can arrive in your reality. Do you see how limiting this is. It would be better if you just had a little faith and allowed the universe to match you up with someone who is right for you regardless of whether you know him or not.

We also want to tell you that there is no need for class or family to keep you from loving whoever you want. You understand this intellectually, but you believe it just as much as the boy who says your relationship is not possible. This belief that you belong to a certain class and your family background has the ability to limit your expression of love is false. It only affects you because you believe that this system has the power to keep you apart from others who you could love.

You must come to understand that these traditions are held onto out of fear and they do not support who you really are or what you really want. They are limiting. You can choose to ignore them and they will not affect you. Millions are being born into your system and they are throwing away the structure of ancient societies and embracing the knowledge that all are worthy, all are unique, and this fact makes all people equal since all are one. This is a beneficial and limitless belief and your life will be enhanced when you adopt it.

You are a being of pure love and when you can express your love while leaving behind fear, you will awaken to a new and wonderful reality. Don’t fear that another may not understand what you know. Don’t fear the loss of this one boy. Understand that this is a stepping stone to something more. This interaction with one who remains unavailable causes you to rethink your ideas about love and allows you to focus on what is really important to you.

Be patient in the understanding that as you expand your expression of love to all people by reducing the intensity of your fear, you open a space that will allow someone who may not be known to you to present themselves and enter your life. This will be the one. This will be a person sent from the universe who will be a perfect match to what you are wanting now.

You might want something more after he arrives, and then you might find another who is a match to the evolved version of you. The universe brings to you whoever matches your vibration in the moment. As you evolve, you might evolve right along with your mate or you might evolve to something else. Allow that to be okay as well.

We see that you have fear around finding the one person who is perfect for you now and will be perfect for you forever. This is a limiting belief and it limits who can come to you now. Instead, think about finding the one who matches you now and remove thoughts of the future. What you really want is being lined up for you. Understand that it will work out and don’t try to forecast the future. Allow what you want to come to you and don’t worry about how long it lasts. It will last as long as it feels good to you and that’s all that matters. Your worry limits your experience and there is certainly no need for you to worry.

You are loved more than you can imagine and you are supported by unseen loved ones.