Dear Joshua,

First off I want to say that I received your book last Friday and completely read it by yesterday afternoon! I love it and am re-reading it again. It is mind opening and wonderful.

I see lots of my beliefs in this book that are not serving me well in my life. The one belief I do understand to a certain point is that we create our own reality. I do get this but have a hard time believing that I alone can create or bring into my life anything I want. I have always believed that big desires must come through either my parent or now my husband. They help bring it to pass.

My husband and I fell on hard times a few years back and no longer own a home. For now we are renting. My dream is to have a home again. I can see and feel this home everyday. My husband is more fearful and negative in believing that it will be a long time before this happens.

The cottage we rent right now I adore. Everyday I tell it how much I love it and enjoy living here. This cottage does make me happy. Everyone who visits cannot believe how beautiful it is and reflects my overall tastes and style. You could say I appreciate everything about living here.

Even though right now I am not the full money earner in our family would I be able to manifest a home myself? I have been learning to block out my husbands fears and negative views. From reading the book I am learning that he cannot create in my reality. He gets extremely fearful around money and our future. I know the area I want to live and the type of home I would like. There is right now a home that is exactly what I would love to have. When I drive by this home or think about I get very excited and feel no unease at all.

Your answer is much appreciated. Thank you again for your beautiful book and being here for all of us.


Dear Pamela,

You alone create your own reality. No one has the power to create in your reality. You create your reality through your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Since no one can create your thoughts for you, you create your own reality. Since no one can make you feel anything, you create your own reality. Since no one can cause you to take any action, you create your own reality. So, you alone create your own reality.

Now, having said that, you can be influenced by others to certain beliefs. These beliefs are thoughts repeated over and over. Strong beliefs are considered by you to be facts, yet a fact is just a belief. Other people may cause you to feel things, but this is just because you do not realize what is actually happening. You are allowing others to dictate how you feel. If they act in a way that pleases you and conforms to your beliefs, then you decide to feel good. If they behave in a way that you do not like, you allow their actions to cause you to feel bad. However, you are always in control of how you feel.

When your mother says something that enrages you, has she caused you to feel rage or have you allowed her influence to dictate how you feel? Do you create your own feelings or do you allow them to be created by the actions of others? This is a very interesting question and goes to the heart of why you feel you don’t really create your own reality.

Now imagine the highest version of you. This is the version we know and can easily see. The highest version of you understands the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. The highest version of you does not react to the conditions, but creates the conditions. The highest version of you is not bothered by the actions of others, but loves all others regardless of their actions. Why? Because the highest version of you knows things they don’t know.

The highest version of you realizes that everyone is living life as best they can from their limited perspective. But because you now know that more is going on here than they can see, you forgive them for living their lives in fear based on their limited perspectives. You know that you control your reality. Therefore, you love the conditions for what they are and you are focused on what you want. You understand there is a path to everything that you want and you relish the journey more than the manifestation of the thing.

You have come here to expand through your experiences. Nothing is either good or bad, right or wrong, it just is. Your judgment determines what anything is. There’s no point to judging something as wrong or bad, just accept it for what it is and turn your attention to what is wanted.

You desire a new house. Your new house has been created and is lined up for you. Don’t think about the specifics, think about the feeling. You cannot see from your limited perspective how it’s going to come. You wouldn’t recognize it now anyway. Just know that it’s coming.

In order for you to receive the physical manifestation of any desire, whether it’s a new house, an improved relationship, or anything else, you must be changed so that you will recognize it when it comes. You change through the alteration of your thoughts. The most likely method for your change is through the modification of your beliefs, since beliefs are just thoughts. Allow your beliefs to change easily and you’ll be able to change into the version of you that is ready for everything you desire.

The first belief you must change is the belief that others have any part ion the creation of your reality. This may seem true, but it’s an elaborate illusion. You might allow them to cause you to think and feel certain things, but you alone have total control over your personal thoughts and feelings. Once you gain some control over the way you think and feel, you’ll start to see things shift. It takes practice, but it’s not as difficult as you think it is.

Start by eliminating anything you perceive as unwanted from your attention. Stop complaining altogether. This is giving your attention to what is not wanted. Instead, start openly appreciating everything you do have. This is something you are already good at. Start appreciating the others in your life and allow them to be as they will be. By your focus on their positive aspects, they will change before your eyes. Avoid coercing the conditions. For a while, simply allow things to be as they are and do try to change them in the moment.

You are just starting to learn to live life in a whole new way. Be easy on yourself and be patient. Things are always working out for you.