Dear Joshua,

I started my own house keeping business in the fall of 2013. My business just started to bloom and I obtained about 12 regular clients. The monthly income for me was fantastic and I was very happy. Suddenly I seem to be loosing half my clients. Some of my clients have fallen on financial hardships and others are not calling me back.

You said in your book that following your passion brings success. I love what I do. Since I was a child I found great enjoyment playing house and especially helping my cousins clean their rooms when visiting. After cleaning/organizing at a client’s home I feel a real sense of completion. Giving this service to others brings me great enjoyment. The problem is I don’t know what I am doing wrong since my business is suddenly so slow. The money has dropped by at least $300 per month. Am I sending the Universe the wrong message?

My husband and I are both doing our best to make are businesses succeed. I know I cannot create in my husband’s life and he cannot create in mine but both our goals are to be successful business owners.

Thank you

Dear Pamela,

We are so happy to see you pursuing your passion. Anything you were interested in as a child is a true passion. While other people may not understand your passion, if you find bliss in the pursuit of it, then it’s a true passion.

Most people enjoy their passions as hobbies because they feel they are incapable of turning it into a source of income. They often toil away at their day jobs while spending their free time involving themselves with their passions. You however, will have an easier time earning a living while engaged in the pursuit of your passion.

Those who follow their passions can make great sums of money or be completely broke. While their vibration is strong around the subject of their passion, it is weak regarding money and abundance. The two do not necessarily work together, although they often do. When you think of the great artist who created priceless paintings but never earned any money in his lifetime, you can easily see an example of what we’re talking about. He had passion for his art, but he could not align with the frequency of abundance. This usually has to do with the inability to accept criticism of any kind. They don’t want to sell their art because they cannot endure the pain of rejection. When they die, their resistance is released and the art sells for tremendous sums of money.

All you need to do is align with the frequency of abundance. We have already written a tool called the Abundance Project that will help you, and Gary will attach a copy. If you follow the instructions provided faithfully and completely, you’ll quickly resolve your own resistance to the natural and free flow of abundance that is available to all. It’s right there, but you have built up a very strong resistance to the flow of abundance and it has to do with your belief system.

You, through the beliefs you’ve adopted along you path, are resistant to money. You are also surrounded by many who have issues around the subject of money themselves. This is due to the Law of Attraction and cannot be otherwise. You are a match to those in your life and since this is a big issue for you, it’s an issue for most of them as well. While some may appear to be living abundantly, upon closer inspection you will find that they have their own resistance problems. However, this can be solved with a simple alteration to your perspective. When you change your perspective, you change your beliefs and thus your reality changes as well.

Let us start with your passion for cleaning and organizing. If you could do everything the way you wanted, it would be so much fun that you might even do it for free. The only thing that gets in your way is the client. Change the client and you might even enhance your experience. However, if the client has an issue with abundance and you have an issue with abundance, guess what’s going to happen? Your both going to create a vibration of resistance and something will have to give. They will not be able to continue paying for your services because they have fear around the potential lack of money and not be able to see the value in what you’re offering. This is one of the most common examples of resistance there is.

There are people who do what you do for more money and there are those who offer their services for less. There are those who do a better job than you and there are those who are inferior to you. Some thrive and do extremely well and others never make enough to live on. It has to do with one thing only; the vibration they are emitting which either allows or resists abundance. You could be the best house-keeper in the world but unless your vibration is aligned with money, you’ll never attract the clients who will be able to see the value in your services. You can only attract customers who cannot see the value of your services because you are emitting a vibration in which you do not see the value of your services.

You are afraid that you are charging too much. You hesitate when asking for money or explaining your fees. You have fear around this subject. What you must do is project confidence. From your current stance, you can only attract those who cannot see your value because they will always be a reflection of your own deeply-held opinion of yourself. If you put an ad in the paper andreceive five responses, the only ones who will hire you are those who will come to feel about you the way you feel about yourself. If they can’t see your value, they can’t continue to pay. It has nothing to do with the quality of your services, your prices, your schedule, or any other factor. It has only to do with how you value what it is you’re doing. When you come to know that your services are worth more than what you charge, you will then begin to attract customers who are able to see your value.

Remember that you customers are also sending out vibrations as well. They are rendezvousing with those house keepers who are a match to them. Become a match to the type of customers you want because they will be the ones who can see your value. Until you believe in yourself, others will be unable to believe in you.

Most businesses start slowly and become successful only after the owners realize the true value of their services. Once you gain some confidence in what you’re doing, you’ll begin to attract customers who will be committed to you for years and years to come. In no time you’ll be turning away business or even thinking of hiring employees. When you do, you must remember that your employees vibrations will affect your business. You want to hire those with confidence rather than those with doubt and fear mixed into their vibration.

You can start to begin valuing your own services by reminding yourself of your own positive aspects. Think about the special things you do to clean and organize someone’s home. Think about how much they will enjoy living in their home now that it’s clean. Imagine them looking forward to your next visit. Think about how good it feels to live in a clean and organized space and be proud of the work you do. Remember to be thankful for the opportunity to do something you really enjoy. It’s an unfortunate fact that most people are stuck in jobs they hate and can only do what they love in their spare time. You get to do it and be paid for it.

You are doing better than you think and you’re making wonderful progress. Remember that you are loved more than you can imagine and supported by more than you would believe.