My burning question today is in regards to the Syria crisis and other immigrants. There is so much focus on this Syria crisis of their people fleeing and trying to make a new life in other countries. I live in Canada which for the most part is a loving free country. We are always taking in mass amounts of immigrants fleeing their war torn countries.

In the last few years many of these people mostly Muslim religion have been moving here. They come from very negative hateful war torn countries. Their religion is extreme. They see women as lesser than men and even treat animals in a very inhumane way.

My question is by allowing in millions of these people will our country find itself experiencing civil wars like theirs? I have a hard time believing that they will leave their negative beliefs behind and adopt are more kinder ways. Like women are equal to men. Our pets are more than property etc. Sometimes I fear that all their problems will repeat themselves in our country. Just like the phrase you take yourself with you” how can they suddenly change their low resistant beliefs? I don’t want my son or his generation be inflicted with a war in our own beautiful country.

With love and appreciation

Dear Pamela,

From your perspective, it seems as if the immigrants are moving from one physical part of the world to another. This is not really what is happening. They are not fleeing their homeland and seeking refuge in yours, they are moving vibrationally. They are raising their vibrations from fear to love and in doing so, the universe guides them to your country. They are no longer a match to their environment, so they are being led to your country which is of a frequency that matches theirs. That is all that is happening here.

The mass consciousness of Canada vibrates at a very high frequency. The people of Canada are more aligned with love than fear. You personally are a match to the overall frequency of your country and so you exist in that reality called Canada. Everyone else in your country is also a match. The immigrants have shifted their vibration enough so that they are in the vibrational range of Canada. This means they are moving closer to love and further from fear.

As they assimilate in your country, they will broadcast the frequency of appreciation. No matter how difficult their lives may seem, from their perspective they will be at ease and appreciate every aspect of their new life in Canada. The vibration of appreciation is very high and so the fears they had will be left behind.

Their religion may seem extreme by your standards, yet you know only of what you have heard. Since you cannot really understand their history or perspective, you can’t know the depth of their religion. They may appear to treat women poorly and animals inhumanely, yet so did your culture not too long ago. Your culture moved from fear to love, from hate to acceptance, and so will theirs as they realize there is nothing to fear and that they, like you, are beings based in love. Love is natural, fear is an aspect of physical reality that need not play such a large role in one’s life. They will come to understand this soon and you will see that your fears about them will not be realized.

There will be some turmoil in the beginning as you resist their entry into your land. You will rehash some old fears and feelings of lack. You will worry about money and how to afford all these newcomers with their problems. There will be some skirmishes and unpleasantries. There will be some intolerance, injustice and prejudice. Yet, if you can understand the vibrational reality of the situation, you can release your own fears and when you do that, you will not be adversely affected by their arrival. If you open your heart and embrace their presence with love, you will ease the transition for you and them art the same time. If you can become a shining example of alignment with what you want, others will follow your lead. This is your reality and their arrival is for your benefit. Understand that and you will be given the key that unlocks your own personal freedom.