Dear Joshua,

I had an uneasy feeling about someone “x” a couple of weeks ago. Then 3 days ago I had a very profound dream that felt so real that my partner was leaving me for “x”. Last night at work I had a phone call from someone to say be careful of “x”. It’s obviously connected to fear around my partner. Up and until “x” came into the equation I had not had fear of him leaving me which I believe is the basis of the manifestation event to show this. I have the tools from Joshua re working to understand the fear and to appreciate the manifestation event and circumstances surrounding it. I can’t seem to get “help” for myself on this as I’m emotionally connected although I received thoughts that what I had picked up was from the energy / vibration of “x” which is the way I am now picking up things. I also felt that being the creator of my own reality I could place myself into appreciation and gratitude and this would change the vibration. Anyway any

thoughts gratefully received.

Dear Ondine,

The vibration of appreciation and gratitude is perfectly aligned with who you truly are and resonates with the consciousness of Love. In this state of love, you can accept “x” and your partner as they are. You can also accept that whatever happens will be the perfect manifestation for you and all involved. It is the platform of acceptance, which is highly beneficial and creative.

The stance of fear will always bring up urges to change the conditions. If you want “x” and/or your partner to be different than they are, you will stall the manifestation of your dreams. You must know that this situation, whatever the outcome, is for your benefit and the benefit of all involved. If your partner leaves, that is very good. If he stays, that is very good. The outcome will always be for your highest good.

That fact is that you, Ondine, are in a transitionary state at this moment. If you allow the changes to take place, you will move swiftly to the life you truly desire. If you fear change, you will exist in a state of resistance, fear, and pain as the changes take place. From the higher perspective, there is nothing to fear. If you adopt the limited perspective, you will suffer as you expand. The suffering is simply a choice and is not beneficial or necessary.

For you to become who you truly are, you must release your attachment to what is and allow what will be to form in your reality. Your new reality will feel very, very good to you. It will feel better than your past and even present reality. Why bother resisting it, since this is what you truly want? If your partner leaves, you will find another partner who will provide support and love during this time of growth, if you allow it. If your partner does not leave, you will find that he will begin to support you as you ascend to a new level of beingness. This is what you truly want. You cannot force or control the issue. Your only option is to remain in the state of acceptance and allow everything to unfold perfectly.

You can love and support your partner. You can appreciate him and the dynamics of your relationship. You can love and accept “x” as well. This is the state of love and in this state, you ignite your power. Out of alignment, you dip into fear consciousness and you will want to change or control the situation. This will never be effective or beneficial.

You cannot lose. You can only gain. You gain in the expansion to a new level of awareness, conscious creation and in stepping into your authenticity. You love your partner and truly want what’s best for him. You also love “x” in the truest sense of the word. You may have fear, but you are eternally linked to “x” as well. You will see all of this when you transition to the nonphysical. In your physical state, you perceive right and wrong and this is simply an illusion. You are the creator of your reality. You can create in love or in fear. You know more now and you can never unknow what you know. Step into love and acceptance and align with who you truly are and everything will sort itself out quickly and easily. After all, there is nothing to fear. The fear is simply the perception (or illusion) of wrong. There truly is no wrong and you will see that after a bit of time has passed. Maintain the vibration of full and complete acceptance and have faith in who you are, in your life’s purpose and in the perfect unfolding of what is to be.

With our love,
We are Joshua