Dear Joshua,

Why has it been so hard for me to let go of amanda when i know in my heart that we are not good for each other?


Dear Marshall,

There are many things we want to say to you regarding this. The first is the most obvious of all. You are exploring reality and learning what you prefer and what you do not prefer. You are entering many new relationships and you want to keep them all. You find it difficult to let go even when you have come to realize it’s time to let go. You came together for a purpose. That purpose was to explore a new dimension in your relationship. You have done that and now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and explore another relationship.

You are here on earth to explore this time which is a really interesting time. There has never been a time in Earth’s history where one would be able to do what you are able to do. You may travel the world, see many things, meet many people, explore what there is to explore, and still have the ability, through technology, to keep in touch with those who you know.

So there are levels of relationships that can be maintained over your lifetime. People will have a large impact on your life a certain times. Yet these people are meant to come into your life to give you the perspective you need to move forward and expand. The relationship might be intense and then it fades. This is all quite normal. You can allow them to go. Maybe they will return again. Certainly you will be together in the nonphysical or in another life, but possibly not this one.

You are an explorer and there is much to discover. You are just starting and there is no rush. You do not have to be or do anything other than what excites you. You do not have to be tied to anything or anyone at this point in your life. You are just coming to understand how this all works. You will soon find that which interests you and you will be inspired in that direction. If this relationship were to manifest itself into a commitment, it would prevent you from following your true path. This is the reason you must let go.

Remember that you are not only loved by those you know, but by multitudes of those who cheer for you and guide you from the nonphysical. You are surrounded by love. Look within and listen to your inner voice. It is all the guidance you’ll ever need. You are safe here and you can be, do or have anything you want once you realize your inherent, undeniable worthiness. There has never been another more worthy than you. Realize that and the world will be your playground.