Dear Joshua,

Do we stay married after we die? Is getting married in a temple mean you can be married for ever?


Dear Linda,

Marriage is a physical agreement between two (or more) people for the purposes of creating a bond. In the nonphysical, there is no need for contracts of any kind. You are eternally linked to everyone you know in the physical realm. You cannot lose anyone. Others can do you no harm, therefore there is no need for agreements. Do you understand this?

In the physical realm, you believe there is a way for others to harm you or to commit a wrong of some kind. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe, therefore contracts are not necessary. If you perceive that something wrong has happened to you, you are simply looking at it from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective there cannot be any such thing as wrong. It simply is not possible. So then, when you think of marriage, what are you really thinking about?

Why do you feel you need to be married? What is the purpose of that contract? Is it not possible for two people to decide to be together and enjoy the experience of physical reality in a co-creative way? Certainly that is true. Do they need to be married in order to do this? Certainly not. So then, why do people want the contract of marriage? What purpose does it serve? It alleviates some fear.

You believe that the wedding and marriage contract bounds your mate to you for the rest of your life. It does not. You believe the wedding vow inhibits infidelity. It does not. The marriage certificate is written on a piece of paper and is no stronger than the commitment honored by each individual. The paper is meaningless. It actually diminishes the power of the relationship.

In a natural world free from the pressures of your modern society, there would be no need for marriage. Since you are eternally linked, you cannot lose anyone. There is no judgment in the nonphysical and you will never be judged for the decisions made in the physical realm. You can do whatever you want to do. If you choose to be married and carry on a monogamous relationship for the duration of your life, loving everything that the relationship with one person entails, then that is a wonderful thing. However, if you believe the the contract of marriage creates an eternal bond, it does not. You are already eternally bonded with everyone you know, not just your spouse. The physical bond of marriage is man-made. The eternal bond is everlasting.

Now, you could be married on a Friday and divorced on a Monday and that would be the extent of your marriage. You could commit to your mate without the piece of paper and live happily for the rest of your life as a couple. The marriage has nothing to do with it. You are one whether you are married or not. You are eternally linked whether the person plays the role of husband, wife, mother, daughter, father, son, best friend, worst enemy, boss, employee, or even you old aunt Hilda (or whoever). If you know someone in this incarnation as Linda, you are eternally linked regardless of the roles you play in physical reality.

You are loved more than you could imagine by more than you could ever count.

We are Joshua