Dear Joshua,

I’ve noticed in myself and many other Friends of Joshua that we have had inspiration to leave our partners or our jobs. Why is that? Isn’t that the ultimate in changing conditions? How to tell the difference between controlling conditions and following inspired ideas?


Dear Liesel,

This is a wonderful question! From your perspective, which is somewhat limited at times, you might perceive that an inspired idea is an urge to change conditions and an urge sometimes feel like and inspired idea. Let’s take a closer look at this subject.

You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. The basis of who you are is love and acceptance. The idea of acceptance, from our perspective, is the same as love. Love is acceptance. Inspired ideas come from acceptance. Therefore, the inspired idea is actually and literally based in acceptance. So then, when you receive the thought to do something, you can determine for yourself if the idea is based in acceptance or control.

Control is based in fear. Ideas borne out of fear are called urges. These ideas might seem inspired at the time, but they always lead to a change in the conditions. You think something is wrong and so you receive an idea how to fix the wrong thing by changing the conditions. This is the old approach to life. It will never work because a change in the conditions does not address the fundamental reason you think the thing is wrong in the first place. There is a limiting belief and in control you are choosing to bypass that belief and choose conditions that actually conform to the limiting belief. This will never and can never work. It defies law.

The basis of the universe is love and acceptance. The fact is that from the higher perspective, nothing is wrong. Therefore the thing you think is wrong is an illusion and to change the illusion does nothing other than enhance the illusion. What you would like to do is remove the illusion and see reality as it really is. You do not want control, you want clarity.

Clarity comes from addressing or processing limiting beliefs; not by changing the conditions. So then, the question is – is this an urge to change conditions or an inspired idea based in love? How does one know the difference?

If you had the idea to leave your mate or your job, how would you know if this is an inspired idea or a change in the conditions? You would first look at who you truly are – a being of love. Does this idea conform or conflict with who I am? Is the idea based in love or fear? If I were a pure being of love, would I act on this idea? If I was a limited being living in the old approach to life, would I act on this idea to change my conditions?

Think about the place where you are existing as the idea comes to you. Are you feeling good? Are you happy with your current conditions? Are you in complete acceptance of the conditions or do you think something is wrong? Are you wishing things were different (victim) or are you appreciating everything as it is (creator). How do you feel when you think about the idea? Is the action you can take right now pleasant, enjoyable and fun or does it seem life effort and work?

If you are enjoying your mate, your conditions, and loving yourself, the idea to do something exciting and new will be an inspiration designed to move you to a new stage of self-discovery. In this moment you have the inspiration to leave your mate. You look at your mate and feel nothing but love knowing that this decision is for his highest good as well as yours. You feel excited, even though the fear of loss pops up. You might move through the fear, let your mate know you’re leaving and leave from a place of love. It will be easier than you might think and you will maintain the loving relationship from this new place. You are no longer a couple, but you remain very good friends.

If you have been trying to make things work with your mate and you are not receiving what you want, you are not in a place of acceptance. If you are wishing for him to be different than he is, you are playing the victim. If you are trying to control him and it’s not working, you are living in fear. All thoughts from this lower emotional state of being are designed t change conditions. If the thought comes to leave, the action will not be enjoyable and the relationship will be damaged.

It is not always so easy to determine if the idea is an urge or inspired. If you can’t tell the difference, it’s best not to take any action. If you think something is wrong, the urge will make it worse. Refrain from acting on urges when you can and you’ll move into acceptance. The approach to life of control is built upon the momentum of actions taken to change condition. The momentum of love is created by the acceptance of what is.

With our love,
We are Joshua