Dear Joshua!

I have an unconventional question and I’m not sure if this is your expertise, but I have to ask. My name is Kristyna, I’m 27 years old, and never had a serious relationship. At this point, I’m mentally giving up on meeting my soul mate this current lifetime and imagining my future as a single, independent woman. It works for me perfectly. I have no more feelings of feeling lonely or that I am missing out on something. I’m fully aware that all love comes within and I know I can be happy by myself. But tonight I had the most real dream/awake moment in my life where I’m sure a non physical entity came in to my room, dove in to my body and was trying to tell me a message.

It was done all in a game way, so I’m not scared. I remember vividly how this person looking like a sweet woman grabbed my face with her hand and told me: “You have to get ready! A man will come into your life!” And I screamed “nooooooo”. She said: “Well at least start imagining it.” Joshua, I think that was a message telling me to reevaluate my actions and change the way I’m approaching this boyfriend situation. Change the way I think so I don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet my soul mate. At the end, I left like this entity is leaving my body and leaving the room. At that moment I was fully awake, but was scared to open my eyes. Joshua, is that something souls in the non physical do in case a person gets off his/her true path?

Thank you so much for any information on this event. I’m your biggest fan and your advices helped improve my life 100%!

Thank you so much, with love

Dear Kristyna,

Thank you for your wonderful question. We will tell you one thing here: everything comes to you based on your desire. If you have a desire, you can resist it, but you cannot eliminate it. If you have birthed a desire in the past for a boyfriend, all you have done is resist the boyfriend from manifesting in your reality. Believe it or not, you have avoided opportunity after opportunity. The boyfriend can come easily as long as you allow for the possibility that it will be perfect and there’s nothing you need to do or change about yourself other than the perception of yourself you currently hold. Change that perception and you will change your vibration and what you want will flow effortlessly into your reality.

Yes, you have millions of nonphysical guides and supporters. No, they cannot create in your reality, but they can introduce you to us, they can help you enter manifestation events, they can communicate with you through your thoughts, and they can come into your dreams. They do all of this with love for you and through knowing what it is you truly desire.

You desire a relationship, yet you have resisted it for so long that the resistance and associated negative emotion is exhausting and painful and so now you think that giving up is the solution that feels the best. Sure it feels good. You have been experiencing the lack of what you want for so long that anything feels better. But that part has always been up to you and now you must change your approach. You must change the way you think about yourself and the idea you have of a soul mate.

At some point you birthed the very strong desire for a relationship and this is perfectly natural. You are not a vibrational match to what you want and therefore it does not exist in your reality. In order for it to come, you must become a vibrational match to it. In order for that to happen, you must change your thoughts, beliefs, and perception of what that looks like and who you are. We are going to help you change your perspective and belief system to that you can allow your vibration to change and match what it is you want.

First of all you have no one soul mate; you have many potential soul mates. You are a being of love and you want to express your love. You do not want to be loved, because you are already loved and that idea of wanting to be loved just means that you are feeling a lack of worthiness. You think that if someone loves you, you will feel worthy. That’s not the case. You are worthy and by feeling self-doubt, you deny your own worthiness. No one can change that. This is something you must do yourself. You have the capacity to love anyone, yet until you love yourself as a perfect and self-contained being of love, you cannot love another. The first thing you must do is find a way to feel good about yourself, your personality, your features and attributes, and everything else about you, because you are perfect as you are and you need not change a physical thing in order to receive the relationship you desire.

You must desire to express your love, not to receive love.

You must love yourself so that you can express your love to another. If you do not love yourself, you will interpret your mate’s actions in a way that will cause you doubt and from that limited perspective, you cannot fully accept him and love him. Understand what we are saying here: you must come to realize that you are worthy of anything you want, not when you improve some aspect of yourself, but as you are right now in this very moment. You can love anyone. It doesn’t matter what they look like or how they seem. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance.

As soon as you see yourself for the worthy and wonderful person that you are, never needing to change anything about yourself, never needing to compare yourself to anyone else, opening up the possibility that others can love you, realizing that it is your true desire to love another unconditionally, just as it is your desire to love yourself unconditionally, the relationship you desire will come easily and effortlessly. The second you realize that this is your universe and you create your reality based on the knowledge that you are worthy of anything you desire, you will drop your resistance and allow all that you truly want to flow easily and effortlessly into your reality.

Get ready! Here they come.

With our love for the perfection that is you in this moment,
We are Joshua