Dear Joshua,

I appreciate the time taken to answer. I understand what you are saying but I guess I can’t totally wrap my mind around the idea of accepting something I don’t prefer. I’ve learned that we create/ choose what we want through our focus/desires and that the universe does its job to deliver it and doesn’t judge what we are choosing. If what we want isn’t possible unless we change our preferences and open up to all possibilities, then why prefer anything at all? I know that hair color is something that doesn’t really matter much but if we can’t expect to receive someone with the hair color we want (if it’s a strong preference) then how can we expect to attract someone who has other qualities we’d strongly prefer? Isn’t this placing limitations on the universe?


Dear Kelly,

You attract that which you desire in the total absoluteness of the desire. You do not create your desire with your words, it is created by the sum of your being. Every experience adds to the overall picture of your desire, yet you cannot remember what you have added. It is the feeling that will manifest, not the idea you have in your mind. What you think is your desire is only a small piece of it. Every time you have a new experience, you add something new to your desire. You are constantly redefining it and molding it into shape. When you reach the state of allowing, and allow the universe to make you vibrationally ready for your desire, the manifestation of what you want will come into your reality.

Most people do not allow what they want to come because they put restrictions on what is acceptable. This is called resistance. These restrictions are created out of fear. If it is fear-based, it is limiting and therefore it restricts what can come. If you have a preference for what you do not want, that preference is made out of fear. If there was no fear, you would only focus on what is wanted, trusting that the universe would bring you that. When you say that you do not want this or that, you are saying I fear this and that is not good. There is nothing to fear, this is just resistance to what you say you want.

If it is necessary for the universe to move you past your fear-based and limiting beliefs, you will be placed in manifestation events which are designed to modify your beliefs and open you to possibilities that you would not previously consider. If you stand defiant and continue your resistance, you will either find yourself in more manifestation events or you will settle for something less than the fullness of your desire. If you settle, you will create more preferences and it will start all over again. You will only ever be satisfied with the full and complete manifestation of your desire.

If you have the belief that you cannot accept a mate with children or a criminal record, you must agree that these preferences are based in fear and are limiting. They limit who can enter your life. They limit the possibilities for love. Now, it is possible and even likely that you will find a wonderful mate who has no criminal record or children. We are simply pointing out that restrictions based in fear are limiting and resistant in nature. If you want to open yourself up to all the wonderful possibilities, then ease your resistance, give up your fears, and open yourself to the full range of potential experience. Resistance is the thing that will limit your experience.

If you are resistant around the subject or love and relationships, you may be resistant in other areas of your life. Your resistance is caused by fear. You assume that some beliefs are valid when in fact they are limiting. All limiting beliefs which are based in irrational fear are false and can be proven false with evidence.

What we are saying is that it is simply not necessary for you to birth a desire which emanates from the very core of your being and is broadcast to the universe via the vibrational signal you emit and then stand resistant to what you are broadcasting by holding onto these limitations which are based in irrational fear. You cannot see how your desire will unfold for you. You cannot know what the universe will bring. You are not yet a match to what you desire. You will have to change your vibration to receive what you want. You have nothing to do but allow the universe to make the changes to your belief system that will result in a new vibration which is compatible with your desire. All you have to do is somehow find a way to get into a state of allowing and release your resistance. If you can do that, everything you truly desire will flow to you effortlessly and easily.