Dear Joshua,

I recently read your book and one part conflicts somewhat with what I’ve understood since becoming aware of LOA.

You say that the universe is constantly presenting us with situations designed to shape us into the version of ourselves which is aligned with our desires. I understand and can accept this idea.

In the book, you give the example that if you want a relationship, the universe may have to shift your unfavorable beliefs about redheads before you can be a vibrational match to your perfect mate who happens to have red hair.

The understanding I had before is that you can/will attract someone/something you really do want. If you prefer someone with black hair, the universe will arrange the circumstances to bring that person with black hair as long as your emotions/vibration are right. It won’t withhold what you desire until you change your preferences.

For example, I have a preference NOT to date someone with kids or a criminal record. Would Joshua advise me to be more open-minded to the possibility of finding love with someone with the previous, even though that’s not what I ever wanted?


Dear Kelly,

When you birth a desire, the universe responds to the highest possible version of that desire. You do not create your desire with your words. Even if you could put your desire into words, it would take up an entire book and still not be the complete illustration of your desire. Your desire is nuanced and complex. There is a lot more to it than you can consciously perceive. Therefore, you do not really have to do anything and because it’s so complex, even if you tried to manifest your desire on your own, it would fall short of what you truly want.

The universe knows exactly what you want in full detail. It knows that you want a mate who you can love and will love you. It knows you may prefer a certain hair color, but that aspect of the mate you truly want is not important after all. However, if you place restrictions on what you want, based on fear or other limiting beliefs, you limit what the universe can bring you.

Imagine that you want a relationship with someone who does not have children or a criminal record. On the surface, these restrictions might seem perfectly valid and it is likely that your future mate may fit within your restrictions. However, what if your future mate does have a criminal record or children? You might not be able to imagine someone with one or both of these things as being the right mate for you, but you must trust that the universe knows what you really want and how to get it to you. If you resist it based on your personal prejudice, you restrict all that you want from flowing to you.

Now, if you are to meet someone with a criminal record, for instance, or with children, the universe will work to resolve your issues around these subjects by placing you in situations called manifestation events. These events are designed to alter your beliefs so that you move your vibration within the vicinity of the one you are to meet. If you want something and do not have it, it’s because you are not a vibrational match to it. The universe will cause you to change your beliefs and perspective enough so that your vibration comes within the range of your desire and it manifests in your reality.

In these particular manifestation events, you will be placed in situations where you meet people with criminal records or children and it turns out they are perfectly good people. Your idea about them will move from one end of the spectrum to the other and your beliefs will be altered. This will allow you to meet the person you desire. Now, if you stick to your guns and hold on to your prejudice, you will meet someone who is less than the fullest version of your desire. That is what most people do. They settle for a lesser version of their desire simply because they refuse to open up to the endless possibilities. They restrict the fullness of life that is available to them because of their own fears and self-doubt.

If the universe is responding to the highest version of your desire, then you must open up to all the possibilities. This means you do not restrict all that you want by allowing fear to enter your thoughts. There is no need to be fearful of anything. Your restrictions and prejudice is based on fear. The universe is responding to what you truly want and will bring you a manifestation beyond your imagination as long as you allow yourself to be as open as you can and you release your fears about the world and about yourself.

You are loved more than you can imagine,