Dear Joshua,

Help me to understand the reason this man with this illness would enter my life?


Dear Jen,

Nothing comes into your life that is not a vibrational match. Nothing. You are a match to every event, every thought, every circumstance. When we say the word “match” we mean it as a puzzle piece is a match to the piece that it fits into. We do not mean that you are alike in any way. You fit into certain situations based on what you are projecting at a given time in your life.

You might ask yourself, “Why am I a match to this person with the illness? What are my beliefs about this subject? Why would we be drawn together, especially now?” We will answer it this way; there is something he is getting from you, which might be readily apparent, but there is also something you are getting from him which might not be as obvious.

We do not give advise because we do not see anything wrong with the situation. It is always an expansive time that brings up these questions and all expansion is good. What we would like for you to do is see the situation from our broader perspective. What is good about the relationship? Focus on the good that is there and try to imagine the larger picture. Remember that nothing is wrong. The illness is a signal that a belief is limiting. Since he is in your life, you are influenced by it as well. However, no one can create in your reality. You have control. Realize that you can choose this experience or not. You can alter your beliefs by changing your perspective and thus your actual life experience will change.

There is much to be gained from this experience, but you must be on solid ground. You must be in alignment with your inner self and aware of your own unique powers and abilities. If you get sucked into something unwanted, you lose your power. If you feel negative emotion it means you’re looking at the situation from a limited perspective. If you feel positive emotion within this circumstance, it means you are seeing the situation from our broader perspective that all is well and all will work out.

It would be helpful to gain an understanding of the mechanism of reality and how your beliefs affect your experience of life. Gary will attach our first book along with this letter. The book is for you and if it resonates with you then it will help you to find a new, broader perspective. You need not share it with others if they are not yet open to this information. You have the awareness that there is more to this physical reality than meets the eye. Others may not be ready to hear what we have to say. That is fine as long as you do not allow their disbelief to affect your beliefs.

Before you can use your powers and creative abilities, you must be on solid footing yourself. You do not need to help others because you cannot create in their reality. You can only help by your example of your own alignment and power. Since you cannot create in the realities of others, your attempts to help might be very frustrating when those who you are trying to save do not want salvation. You must remember that everyone is working through their own belief systems at the same time in their own way.

You may want someone to be doing better than they are from your perspective, but they are not up to your level and this thing they are dealing with is the thing that will either bring them to the next level or not.

So relax within the situation, find your solid footing, see the positive that is there for all involved, know that whatever is happening will work out for the best one way or the other, realize that well-being flows to everyone and whether they allow it or not is their choice. Nothing bad is happening. You will learn and grow from this experience and there will be a new, brighter level of love that will be brought into your life as a direct result.

If you would like more clarification on this issue, wait 10 days and re-read this letter. You will discover that there is more in these words than you first thought. We are moving your vibration to a new place. In ten days you will be at a new level of awareness and understanding. There will be events that happen in the next ten days that will take you to a new perspective. These events will be good even if, in the moment, they cause negative emotion.

From this new place you will have a new question. Write us and we’ll have more to say.

You are loved more than you can imagine,