Hi Joshua,

Do domestic animals incarnate for their own specific purpose of growth and expansion? I’d like to understand better the interactive roles we play in each other’s lives and how much we as the “owners/carers” of our animals may better approach this relationship without trying too much to influence/limit their experiences?

I love my 2 dogs dearly and view them as part of my family yet I feel incredibly protective of them. We currently live in a residential suburb where traffic and other (bigger and aggressive) dogs are my perceived threats. Hence they are kept securely within my property and when I walk them we use leashes. I understand that these are my fears entirely.

We’ll be moving into the country shortly and living on a farm where I’d like to be more relaxed and give them more freedom. I know they’d both love that and I get excited to think about them enjoying themselves more naturally but again my fears for their wellbeing and the need to protect them overwhelm me at times.

I feel that if I understand this from a higher perspective – as with all your other teachings – It’ll improve both mine and my dogs lives immensely.

Many thanks and much love.


Dear Jacky,

Your animals came for the experience of life and certainly are working through the intricacies of physical reality just as you are. As a child you were exposed to the fear-based (limiting) beliefs of your parents, teachers, peers and society. You, a being of higher skills regarding access to intelligence, adopted these beliefs quite easily. Animals do not do this unless they’ve been domesticated.

Animals in the wild live easily, guided by their instincts. They live in harmony with nature and fear is not a big issue. They operate within the system of their environment and do not really care whether they are physical or nonphysical. Death for most animals, insects, bacteria, etc. is no big deal. They easily slip in and out of physical reality.

You treat your animals with care because you are personally attached to their well-being. For the most part, your dogs live a life of ease. Your fears are influencing them to a degree, but you are far more attached to their lives than they are. They instinctively know that your souls are eternally linked and to them they do not experience reality as you do. They have very little concept of time. They do not really notice the aging process. They do not regard their physical appearance as you do. They might have some instinctual responses to situations that present danger, but they do not worry. They are happy being with you wherever you are.

If it makes you feel better to protect them then that is a wonderful thing. But it makes no sense to get attached, because you can never lose them. They do not cling to life as you do. They live in their prime, enjoying their bodies and the physical excitement of life. You’ll notice that they are happiest when eating and greeting you, in that order. They sleep often which refreshes their sprit as they reconnect with the nonphysical during sleep just as you do. This could be a good example for you as well.

One day, they will transition to the nonphysical and will be there when you reemerge yourself. At the end of their life, you will sense that they are attached to you and will hold on while suffering and you will know that this is not natural. You will allow them you go and maybe a vet will will induce their transition. A wild animal would not cling on to life past its time. Yet your domesticated animal senses that you will be hurt by its death, so they try to keep going past their time.

Allow your pets to exist as they would in the wild. Enjoy them in the moment. Use them as your excuse to feel good and to allow your own well-being. Allow them to experience this life in anyway that makes you feel comfortable. They really don’t care about this one life, they understand there are other lives to experience and death to them is simply a transition. They are not here to do anything other than experience physical reality on Earth and to love and be loved. They chose you and you are fulfilling their intentions. But when they decide it’s time to go, allow them to do so and then get yourself another animal to love.