Dear Joshua,

I feel like I want to explore the expansion of my ability to love but this desire has come after I am already married. My desire includes the deep love I have for my husband but allows for deep authentic connection with others in whatever way naturally unfolds. Unfortunately, my husband cannot understand. Is my desire a false desire?


Dear Genevieve,

The exploration of love is the expression of acceptance. To cultivate love, you simply accept yourself as you are, accept all others as they are and accept the conditions as perfect. There is nothing more to it than that. If you would like to experience love, simply cultivate the feeling of acceptance. Give up the habit of wishing for people and things to be different than they are. Accept yourself fully in each moment. Find something to love about everyone and everything in your life. See yourself from a higher perspective. See yourself as perfect as you are. In practicing these ideas, you are emitting love. You did not come here to be loved, you came to express your love.

The truth is that you are perfect, everyone else is also perfect, and the conditions that exist in the moment are perfect as they are. The illusion is that you are imperfect, that others can be wrong, and that the conditions should be different. The illusion makes you believe that if you were different, you would feel better. The false premises is that if others were different than they are, you would feel better. The fallacy is that the conditions must be better for you to feel better. This is all based in fear. It is the fear that you are not enough and if you were more, then you could finally feel good and be happy. The fact is that how you perceive everything in your life creates the life you are experiencing. You need not change a thing in order to be happy, other than your perception of your reality.

The life you live is created by you. Your perception of yourself is created by you. Your limitations are all self-imposed. You have control over it all, because you have the ability to perceive anything in any way you choose. You may have been unaware of this ability in the past. You might assume that your limiting beliefs are true and are set in stone. This idea is also false. In reality, your beliefs are either empowering or limiting, not true or false. You have the absolute ability to reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs and increase the intensity of beneficial beliefs. This is your power to create the life you prefer.

The fact remains that how you perceive your reality determines how you explore who you are as an aspect of Source. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. This is true of you and of all the people in your life. You have difficulty seeing this. You are fooled by the illusion of imperfection. Since you perceive yourself and others from a limited perspective (based in fear), you cannot yet see the perfection that exists. You are living in fear that you are flawed. You are trying to control yourself, other people and the conditions. This sense of control leads you to believe that by manipulating your conditions, you can create conditions that will result in an improved experience of life. Unfortunately, since this idea is based in fear, rather than love, it cannot and will not ever work. The design of the system is based in love. It is perfect, just as you are. You too are based in love. When you operate your life from a position of fear, you go against the grain of the system. The only way to create the life you prefer is to fully align with the system that exists. Until you do that, you cannot fully love yourself or anyone else.

Adopt a new approach to life of absolute acceptance. Practice acceptance. Look at everyone, everything, and especially yourself, from the higher perspective. You are perfect. You might expand through experience, but you will never be more perfect than you are in this moment. If you can see that and accept yourself as you are, you will move from fear to love. You will begin to align with the system. Your life will feel better to you. It’s the better feeling you seek, not a change in your reality. However, as you begin to feel better by cultivating acceptance, your reality will reflect this new approach to life. You will start receiving everything you truly want.

With our love,
We are Joshua