Dear Joshua,

Some people have remarked that A Perception of Reality is a bit repetitive. Samantha, the person who wants to bring the book to publishers, believes that they will want to edit out parts of the book that they feel are rehashing the same information. What do you think?


Dear Gary,

You have done a marvelous job translating our thoughts into three incredible books. When you say we are repetitive, we couldn’t agree more. We are really saying just one thing over and over and over again – “The only thing that matters is how you feel.” We try to come up with as many ideas as possible to help you see this. You believe that one approach to life will best solve the issue of feeling good and we want you to see another way. So we say the same thing in many ways in the hopes that you will come to see your life from our perspective. It is all good.

This book was written for you, for your friends and family, for their friends and families, for unborn generations to come, for those living in distant lands speaking different languages (this book will be translated into many languages) for the old, for the young, for the masters, and for the uninitiated. Will some find it repetitious? Certainly. Will others require these concepts to be restated? Definitely.

This is an introductory book which provides a broad overview of the mechanism of physical reality and the laws of the universe. While the information is profound, it is really a starting point. We want everyone to be on the same page, so to speak, before they embark on further exploration. Some people, like you, have beliefs which are malleable and new ideas are easily absorbed. Others have beliefs which are more rigid and these people require further clarification.

We believe the book, in it’s present condition, explains our perspective very well. However, we are not opposed to any edits you may suggest. You are free to slice and dice our words any way you see fit. We have absolute faith in your ability to choose what’s right for you. We know that any resistance you may feel is yours to work out and we applaud you for it. We have endless words to give. What do we care if you remove a few from this book? We’ll get them in there one way or another.

You are love, you are loved.