Hi Joshua ,

I am currently in the process of manifesting my soulmate into my life. I have clearly defined what I am looking for and know he is out there, looking for me too. I know we will be together soon. But my problem is that I keep noticing he is not here yet and get disappointed! I keep trying to think of ways we might meet and try to put myself into situations where I could meet him, even though I know this is the universe’s job, not mine. How do I let go of my impatience for him to be in my life right now and trust in the universe to bring me what I desire?

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Emma,

You are doing everything just right. Your soulmate is coming to you and you are moving in the direction of this union at the perfect speed. Things just have to line up and they will. In the meantime, let’s see if we can come to a better understanding of impatience.

The impatience you feel is the result of your deep wanting of this relationship and it is natural and it is not wrong. You have come to know what you want and you intend for it to manifest into your life. You are doing all the right things, thinking of how you’ll meet, putting yourself into situations where the meeting will happen, and being open to the opportunity to meet new people. This is all good and you are doing very well, but you want it to happen now. You do not like waiting because every day away from your mate feels like a wasted day.

But now you must remember that all of this is an illusion. You must know that you live in the moment and that what you have now, even without your mate, is good as it is. You cannot move to a place you want to be by not enjoying or appreciating what you have now. If you curse your loneliness, the universe will see that great emotion and focus and will assume that you want more of that. That’s okay for it is easy to move your focus from lack to abundance.

This is all you need to do whenever you want to manifest anything whether it’s a mate, a new job, and object, or anything else. Move your focus of attention from one of lack to one of abundance. Move your thoughts from the future you want so desperately to the now you enjoy so much. Take your mind off what you want for just a bit and now start realizing that all is fine where you are. Do this for a few moments every day and see what happens.

The key here is to move your vibration from a stance of need to a stance of confidence. Try to imagine being fine with who you are now, what your life looks and feels like now, being single now and knowing that one day you will be with your mate. Imagine being pregnant. You want a baby, but your baby is not here now. Your baby will be born in a few months. You are enjoying being pregnant. You want your baby to come when it’s ready and not a moment too soon. You will enjoy this time in your life fondly as people fawn over you and as you go through all the conditions of pregnancy from morning sickness to strange food cravings. After the baby is born, you will be proud of how you took care of yourself during the pregnancy. It is like this with the manifestation of a new relationship.

You would not want to meet someone new right now if you knew that your soulmate was coming, but was not yet ready. He may be in another town and will move to your area in a couple of months. He may be in another relationship and he must first go through that relationship before he can appreciate you. There are all kinds of reasons for him needing the time to prepare himself for your arrival.

You might also need to experience a few more things before you are ready for him. You might need to have your beliefs and opinions clarified before you are ready for him to arrive. There is really no need to be impatient. Everything is working out just as you imagine it will. As long as you are open to all of the possibilities and willing to open yourself up to love, you are doing all the right things. There is no magic here. It is simply the universe at work molding and shaping each of you so that you’ll be ready for each other when the timing is right.

You are loved more than you can imagine. You are the essence of love. Make it your dream to express your love to everyone you meet and soon you will meet many you will want to love.