Dear Joshua,

I’m focused on improving my vibration and thanks to you I’m making good progress. I have something I need to get over that you may be able to help with. I seem to have a theme going on. When another retracts their love from me or treats me unkindly or focuses on my negative aspects, my response is to retract my love for them. OMG I’m still responding to outside conditions aren’t I? I know somehow I have to convince myself that I am love and I am worthy of love and that I should start by appreciating myself, but I clearly feel unworthy of love so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, (if you don’t mind Gary), I had rather a reaction to a chapter in ‘A Radical Change to your approach to life’. It is toward the end and relates to fuel and the climate. I used to be all about the state of the planet and everything that was wrong with it and through Abraham learned that it wasn’t broken and I wasn’t here to fix it and we couldn’t break it if we tried anyway as we are but fleas on a dogs back, species population was Source controlled etc etc. So I went from aiming towards an electric car or bicycle to saying it’s okay, have fun, there is nothing serious going on here, there is no right way for all so lets get a 4L gas guzzler because its fun and now you appear to be afraid that we are messing up the playground!

So could you clear up for me, is it an illusion or reality? Source controlled and looked after or capable of being turned into a desert by us less conscious beings and our carbon emissions? Is it that consciousness is the only real thing but Earth took a ridiculously long moment to get to this really fun bit and that you’re a long time nonphysical? Surely among all these galaxies you have other playgrounds for us all to play in, (yes or no would be nice to that one 🙂 and if you know this clean and efficient fuel is just beneath our finger tips why not tell Esther or Gary or better still me what it is and how to use it and lets look after our playground?

Thank you so much for your response in advance.

Dear Ben,

Two wonderful questions, indeed. We would appreciate the opportunity to address both of them in a single answer. How fun is this!

Of course you are worthy of love. What a question? You know who you really are, don’t you? You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance and you are perfect as you are. There’s nothing to fix and it’s impossible for you to get any better. You are perfect as you are. You might evolve to a new level of awareness, understanding, patience, and love, but you won’t be better than you are now. You will be perfect in that version of you, just as this version of you is perfect. There’s nothing to fix.

When you perceive others to be withdrawing their love from you, think of that as a mirror. What are you looking at? You are looking at people who are loving you based on the conditions. If the conditions are good, then you have their love. If the conditions get rough, then their love is retracted. That’s a mirror. That’s a reflection of what you do. You love when they love you.

That’s not what you’re here for. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You do not need their love, you simply need to express your love to them, and everyone else. Love and acceptance are the same thing. When you accept someone as they are despite the conditions, you are expressing your love. You are not asking for love in return because that is not necessary. When you love them and expect nothing in return and your satisfaction comes from accepting them as they are, well then, the mirror will change. You will now perceive them as accepting you just as you are. When you do not ask them to change, they (your mirror) will not ask you to be different than you are. When you accept them as they are, you will accept yourself as you are.

It’s not that they don’t accept you, it’s that you do not accept them and more importantly, yourself. You feel that you need to be different than you are to be loved. You do not need to be different at all. All you need to do is approach love in a new way. You love first and don’t expect anything in return. You accept them and don’t ask them to be different. You accept yourself as perfect as you are, and just be whoever and however you are being and stop judging yourself as wrong or wishing to be different. Be love and the Law of Attraction will reflect how you are being.

Physical reality is always a mirror to how you are being. It is a projection of your vibration. When you receive a thought, it is received through the Law of Attraction and is a match to your vibration. When someone says something mean to you, it is a reflection of the vibration you are emitting. It’s never the words, it’s always the feeling. How do the words make you feel? Well, that’s the vibration you are emitting. If the words make you feel like you should be different than you are, that’s exactly how you feel about yourself. But instead of changing how you feel about yourself, you ask them to love you and accept you. Can you see how the mirror works? Change the vibration and the world will change to reflect your new vibration. All change comes from the inside.

Your planet is perfect as it is too. It, like you, is ever-changing and evolving. How you think of your planet, as a mass consciousness, is what you get. Your governments are reflections of your mass consciousness. When you’ve had enough, you birth strong new desires. The universe responds to your new desires and things change. This gives rise to the cycles you see in economics and politics and they follow a very similar pattern. It’s a cycle of expansion and contraction. The contraction is really expansion in the other direction.

Your perspective is rather limited and you can’t see that far down the road, so you tend to take a short-term view of things. In the short term there is contrast. However, in the longer term, the contrast always sparks desires and the desires bring forth solutions. Don’t think of anything as a problem. It’s simply contrast that brings forth new desire and the desire will always yield results that push the evolution of love further.

Humans are moving from fear to love rapidly during this time of awakening. Your ability to communicate through the internet is moving things forward rather quickly. While there might be a lot of fear in the short term, we will assure that that everything is always working out. It’s just that you can’t see that yet from where you are now. Take the higher perspective and you’ll see that you are perfect as you are, everyone else is perfect as they are, and the world is perfect as it is. When you move your perception of reality to a higher vibration, the mirror changes to reflect the change you have made. It’s a nice system, isn’t it?

As far as other planets are concerned, you’re a match to this one. It is the best one as far as you are concerned, because it allows you to discover everything you really want to explore. It is perfect.

With our love for you and with the love of your millions of guides and supporters, you can know that you are truly loved because you are worthy of love.

We are Joshua