Joshua, when you talk about love there are things that I don’t understand. You say “in a natural world free from the influences of society, you would love all” , “you would not pick and choose who to love, you would simple love everyone” Just to love everybody the same, it’s boring! If I love everybody the same and they all love me the same, I would have stayed in the non-physical

Why do we come here then to this physical world? Don’t we come to experience different kinds of love? As a mother? As a daughter? As a neighbor? As a lover? And we chose this society for a reason, right? It will give us the contrast that we look for in order to feel intense emotions. Love is not the same with everybody, that would be so boring! Don’t we come to experience the different kind of love, different intensity, different excitement, and don’t we want the contrast? I think we do! Doesn’t contrast push us forward to look for more?

And then you say “love without the need of reciprocation”, but from the relationships with others, we co-create, and there is where we find the contrast, and from the relationship with others we experience a variety of feelings, and we evolve, and change, and move, and we can discover ourselves, how much we can feel, the feed back we receive from others creates the different feelings that we came here to experience. Isn’t this right?

The best love stories are the ones with the greatest contrast, they can make you feel extremes emotions, extreme suffering and extreme happiness also.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your clarifying question. You do come here for the contrast and the various levels of experience. You do come for the joy and the intensity of physical existence. You do enjoy the different feelings and even the drama. You chose all of this and it is all interesting.

When we answer one’s question, we are speaking to that individual and addressing their specific question. The person we were talking to has a very specific set of beliefs about love and what it is for him. When you read his answer, you might interpret our message differently. For him, love is scary and to be kept at a distance. To you, it is something to be embraced.

When we say you would simply love, we did not mean to imply that it was the same emotion for all those who you might love. However, the basis of the love we are talking about is acceptance. When you would love all, you would accept all as they are without the desire to change them or make them different in any way. This is what we would define as unconditional love. You would find a way to love them without them needing to be a certain way around you.

You would love all without the need for them to love you because by asking for their love in return you are not accepting them as they are. Love means acceptance. Unconditional love is unconditional acceptance. No matter what another does, you love and accept that their behavior and their actions are right. You remove fear from the equation and you find no wrong.

We know that you came here for the experience of life and you are able to embrace this aspect of physical reality. You are one who understands the laws of the universe at a very high vibration. You are on the leading edge of thought. But many others hold onto their fears and they fear love. They do not allow themselves to love fully because they fear the consequences of losing love. They do not understand that you cannot lose when you truly love and that nothing can ever be lost. They do not understand that those you love will be with you eternally.

You are loved more than you can imagine,