Dear Joshua,

I have be enjoying loving myself and life a lot more since my partner decided he needed time out. I have let go of a lot of resistance and the chatter in my head has finally left the building. I’m again shining and I feel him with me, I’m very excited for what unfolds in my life. Please send some tips on maintaining this vibration so I don’t allowing the reality, which I had previous created which lead to this distancing. Effect the future I’m Now creating, which I feel so much. I want to stay clear and I know confusing thoughts lead to confusing results. I also want to maintain this loving momentum when we are together again and during our relationship. Any tips will be a blessing.

Many thanks in advance,

Dear Anonymous,

Your current state of mind is one of allowing. That means you are keeping yourself open to whatever the universe shall bring you. You are not tied to the past or to any particular future. You are open to whatever may unfold. This is an excellent state of being and one which, if maintained, will bring you all that you want. However, this is a state of being that is defined as general. You cannot be attached to any specific outcome. You must maintain your faith in the laws of the universe.

Having experienced something unwanted, your desire is ramped up to create a situation that will bring you back that which was lost. If the experience of the past feels better than your current experience, it is natural for you to yearn for that previous condition. However, you have grown and expanded through that experience and you are no longer a vibrational match to what was. If you allow yourself the freedom to feel for something new, having no idea what that new experience might be, you allow something much richer to manifest itself in your life.

It is understandable that your thoughts will be consumed with the positive aspects of what once was and now you feel negative emotion in the experience of those thoughts which you believe you have lost. You believe your old way of being led to the dissolution of that relationship, but this is a flawed premise. You were simply yearning for something more and in so doing, the conditions had to change to bring about the manifestation of another, larger experience. There was nothing lost, you were just preparing yourself for something more to come.

As difficult as this may be, we ask you to look ahead and not behind. There is something more for you that matches who you have become. It will come as long as you allow it. You must be ready for it when it comes so that you will recognize it as the condition you so desire. In the stance of allowing, you will allow the past to fade and seek the richness of this new experience. Do not worry too much about your thoughts, simply create an attitude of anticipation. Focus on what will come and do not worry about how it will come. You can’t see how it will all unfold, all you can do is practice the attitude of anticipation.

You are loved more than you can imagine.