Dear Joshua,

The boy whom I like a lot will be getting married to someone else via arranged marriage system. I really like to believe that on letting go of this boy I will get what Universe has lined up for me. But how do I deal with this pain? It hurts so much to see this boy with someone else.

Thank you,

Dear Anonymous,

Pain is your indication of resistance. On one hand you believe that the universe will line up someone who will be the perfect match to you, but you think this boy is that person and you can’t see how the future will unfold, so you are resisting this situation and therefore you feel pain. Your pain will be erased as soon as you stop your resistance. This boy is not the one who the universe will bring to you. He is not the best match for you. As you continue to believe that fate has taken him from you, you resist the one who you know will come to you. The more you feel like the situation is wrong, the more you hold this person you know is coming away from you.

The condition has caused you to birth a desire for a mate who is available and who you can love. This one who is no longer (and was never) available to you is gone and you believe that your life would be better with him in it. But he was never a match for you in that way and you would have not been happy with him. There is one for you. In fact, there are many perfect matches for you. However, you are not yet ready for them. In order for the relationship that you see in your mind as ideal to manifest into your reality, you must become a more advanced and higher version of you. You must change who you are being now so that when this person comes, you will be a match to him. He will be at a very high level. He has to be for your dream to unfold as you see it in your mind. For you to be a match to this person, you must evolve to a new level.

This means that you have work to do. You must first come to consider yourself truly worthy of his love. Unless you feel worthy in your own right, he cannot find you. This universe is ruled by the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. For you to attract him, who is vibrating at a very high level, you must be vibrating at that same level.

Who you are now is but a fraction of your potential and is not enough for you to attract someone at the higher level you seek. So you have but one choice; wok on yourself. Start becoming who you really are. Love and appreciate yourself and learn just how unique you are. Forget about this boy and start working on yourself so that you will be ready for the man who is yet to come. Love yourself first and you will attract those who love you as well.

You are truly worthy and unique and you are already loved more than you can imagine.