Dear Joshua,

I experience migraines ~ almost daily ~ I wake up with one in the very early morning. I understand from you and listening to Abraham this is resistance. How is it I have such strong resistance while sleeping? Abraham says sleep is the way to reset ~ how can I have resistance while sleeping? I work everyday to release resistance, the pain is overwhelming and I feel the drugs are not good for my physical body, but I can’t deal with the pain. What can I do to work through this resistance? Radically change my life? I think I have done that in many ways ~ what am I missing here? With love and gratitude,


Dear Wendy,

While you sleep there is no resistance. When you wake, the resistance resumes. It is your chronic habit of thought that brings back the resistance. In order to release resistance you must change your thoughts, feeling and approach to life. While you have already made great change, the fact that the migraines persist is evidence of resistance. When you release your resistance, the migraines will fade.

You have a habit of thought which we will call chronic. All chronic physical conditions are the manifestation of chronic thoughts. The relief you seek will come from the gradual and eventual change in your habit of thought. Your habit has been persistent for a very long time. It most likely started in childhood. You have approached your life in this way for a very long time. You have a very strong set of limiting beliefs which are at conflict with who you know yourself to be. On one hand you are loving, intelligent, capable and successful, yet on the other hand you struggle with insecurity, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. This must stop.

You adopted most of your limiting beliefs about yourself as a child from the influence of those you considered important in your life. You believed them. You still believe them. They have nothing to do with who you are now. Your beliefs about their assertions remain fixed in your mind and hold weight over you. Because you are trying to justify your own worthiness in the face of these limiting beliefs, you tend to see the problems in your life more vividly than the positive aspects.

In order to radically change your approach to life so that you ease this inner conflict, you must start to judge everything as good and right. You must change your approach to life which finds fault and flip the switch to see the good in everything. When you feel negative emotion, it’s your indication that you are seeing the wrongness of something. When you feel negative emotion, it is your indication that you are finding fault with someone or something. You are making these judgment calls and you are determining the focus of your attention. Focus on love. Focus on acceptance. Find out what is right about everyone and everything. See the good. Find the good. Change your perspective on what you used to think was wrong and now see it as good.

Your migraine is an indication that you have been approaching life in a way that does not serve who you really are or what you really want. If not for the migraine, you would not have been inspired to talk to us. Therefore, the migraine is a gift. The migraine is alerting you that you are following a path that does not lead where you want to go. There is nothing to fix. It is all perfect the way it is. You are fighting against the perfection that exists in you and in everything else. Learn to go with the flow of life and stop fighting against what you think is bad or wrong.

Your battles with what is has caused you to manifest an unwanted bodily condition. This is true of all that have some unwanted, chronic bodily condition. If you have migraines, it is because you feel inadequate, scared and at odds with what is. It is time for you to embrace who you are. You are a perfect being of pure love and you are worthy of anything you desire. There has not been another like you in all of history and there will never be another like you again. You are unique to all the universe and therefore you are worthy. You were created to explore life in a way that has never been done before. You intended to explore reality and expand through experience. You need not play it safe any longer.

Do not change to relieve your migraines, change so that you may live life as you intended. Forget about the migraines for they are simply a road sign indicating that you are off your path. Start believing in yourself. Start focusing on what makes you happy without fearing what others will think. You are the center of your universe and you are the only one who matters in that universe.

Start meditating daily. Start to slow your habit of thought. Stop complaining. Stop seeing things as wrong and look for things that are good. This new approach to life will seem foreign for a while, but slowly the change will begin to gain momentum and in a while you’ll notice that life seems clearer, brighter and pain free.

You are a being of pure positive love. You are loved more than you can imagine.