Dear Joshua,

Currently I am dealing with chronic Lyme disease. I have been dealing with this for several years (5 – 6) ~ the last couple of years the symptoms have gotten much worse. According to the medical field ~ there is no standard treatment for this disease. I have tried several protocols and I still am not feeling better. I am wondering what I can do to help my body heal. What protocol would work best for me? What to focus on ~ how to heal myself. I am tired of dealing with this disease ~ I want to get on with my life. Thank you!

Thanks and Regards

Dear Wendy,

When you are diagnosed with an unwanted bodily condition, the first thing you want to do is remove yourself from the condition. However, this approach is not in alignment with the laws of the universe as we know them. So let us give you our perspective.

You are at the center of your universe. You are the only thing that really matters in your life. This world was created for your unique expression of life and expansion of consciousness. This is the physical environment you wanted to explore prior to your birth. You set up certain conditions through your intentions for the type of life you wanted to live this time around.

There is one universal law above all else and that is the Law of Attraction. This law states that you attract whatever comes to you by the vibrational signal you emit. Now, if you can understand and believe that all we have said is the absolute truth, you will also have to understand that you are the creator of your life, you have absolute and ultimate responsibility for everything that comes to you and you attracted this unwanted physical condition.

This might be hard for you to swallow since you cannot believe that you would attract such a chronic and unnecessary disease. If you were the creator of your life, then why would you create this condition? Wouldn’t you simply create a life free from pain and suffering? While you have the power and ability to create anything you want, it’s your perception of your life that causes you to judge people, experiences, and conditions as good or bad, right or wrong. It is your perception of your own reality that gives you the illusion that things are either going well or going poorly. If you can learn to change your perception and train yourself to see that everything that comes to you is a benefit to you and is done for you, then you can begin to steer your life in the direction of what is wanted.

If you cling to the belief that you have no power, that you are simply a victim, that you cannot deliberately create the life you wish to have, then you will continue to experience unwanted conditions and you will continue to create in your own life by accident.

We will now address the issue of your disease and how you attracted it whether you think you did or not. There are no accidents and there are no coincidences. Anything you believe to be a random chance of fate is not random at all. Whatever happens in your life, no matter how big or how small, is an accurate reflection of your chronic vibrational signal. You get what you put out.

Your Lyme disease was attracted by you for a purpose. The purpose is growth and expansion through experience. The Lyme disease is a gift to you for without is you would not expand in the way you intended during this incarnation of Earth. So then, as it is a gift, how will you reference your gift? This is how you deal with any unwanted condition.

You cannot remove the condition by wishing it away because your attention is focused squarely on the problem. You will continue to give power to the disease by your focus on it. By wanting it to go away, you actually make it stronger and stronger. By accepting it as a gift, you accept the information contained within the condition and your focus is now on that, rather the unwanted aspect of the package.

You attracted this condition for a reason. This condition has a lot to tell you about your approach to life. Your old approach to life led you to obtain this condition. There was some feeling in your life that was a match to this exact condition. The way this disease feels to you is a representation of how you were feeling before you received the disease. This exact disease comes in response to the specific feelings you were having before the disease arrived.

So then, is it necessary to understand the cause of those feelings that brought on this disease? Not at all. Just know that you were chronically thinking and feeling a certain way before the disease and now that you have the disease you are continuing to think and feel the same things but with more attention and focus.

In order to experience something different than this disease, you must feel for something different. Your approach to life must be radically altered.

There is no effective treatment for this disease because the feeling of the disease is rooted in an approach to life that is comfortable and appears appropriate. For instance, peanut allergies can be addressed by a change in diet. All unwanted physical conditions can be addressed by a change in one’s approach to life. It makes sense for the peanut allergy sufferer to avoid peanuts. It makes sense to alter your diet, your habit of behavior in order to avoid an unwanted physical condition. But, the type of change we ask you to make does not seem to have anything to do with the physical condition. Yet the feelings you had that led to the condition you now have are related. They are similar. If you can change your belief, feelings, attitude, and approach to life, the disease will no longer be necessary.

You must radically change your entire approach to life. Everything you thought you knew about life is no longer appropriate for you. If you really want to experience something different, you must become radically different than you are now.

You do not want to change because you fear the person you must become in order to change your life. You must admit you are comfortable with the condition you have as it is the excuse you use to continue the life you are living. When people ask why you are living this way, you get to blame the disease. However, if you say you want to experience something different, you can no longer use the disease as a crutch.

What we have expressed here may be very difficult for you to understand from your perspective which is focused on a way to rid yourself of this condition by battling it with treatment. But in your case, the only treatment is a new approach to life. If you decide to change the course of your life, you will face some resistance because you have a habit of thinking that is difficult to break. But if you want to move forward, there are some simple things you can do.

Start to meditate daily and learn to control the noise in your head. Learn to slow your thoughts by working the muscle of your mind. Practice slowing thought every day.

Realize that you are a unique and worthy being and you deserve everything you want out of life. You are a very creative person. You can deliberately create a better life. You are powerful.

Read everything you can on this subject. There are many teachers all teaching the same thing but in different ways. Read our books, listen to Abraham, read anything that causes you to see your life from a new, higher perspective. Ask us questions whenever you like. Ask your inner self questions as well.

When you encounter what may have seemed like a problem in your past life and now you see it as a gift containing information, you will have adjusted your approach to life so that nothing unwanted will have any impact on you ever again.

You are loved unconditionally by more than you could ever imagine.