Dear Joshua,

I have a pregnancy related question after this mornings’ health & wellbeing meditation. As you know I am very connected with my body through the physical practice of Yoga Asana. Since becoming pregnant last year – of course pregnancy brings with it certain symptoms that are biologically and physically unavoidable and are perfectly normal, such as morning sickness and nausea.

In the first trimester, I suffered for about 2 months from severe exhaustion & nausea. To the point that my body was limiting my daily tasks and responsibilities and also affecting my mental and emotional state. Unable to carry out simple tasks or do the things I loved (such as practice Yoga), I felt very low and depressed. However, I tried not to read too much into this, as it is all “normal” for pregnancy. Now as I enter my third trimester (28weeks), I seem to have a mild form of the sickness coming back over the past couple of weeks. (also apparently normal) Yesterday however, I was severely sick with diarreah and vomitting and even unable to keep water down – more like food poisoning. I guess this might be a manifestation event.

almost seamlessly and perfectly, todays meditation was all about health and well being – and how we must always listen to our bodies. My question is, I do listen to my body, but how do I know if the signals my body give me in pregnancy are ones that I should be concerned about or not? yesterday I did not feel good – as a result my mind started to go down, attracting all sorts of thoughts that were not beneficial such as “is this pre term labour?” “I’m not ready for this baby” “I’m scared” “I can’t do this, not yet – I am not ready and nor is the baby” etc – in a state of worry, due to the physical symptoms.

When should I be concerned? When should I know that this is just a normal thing in pregnancy? I find this difficult to discern.

Today, I feel much better.
Your perspective would help me very much.


Dear Tistrya,

The body you have chosen is perfect for the exploration you are here to conduct. It is perfect in every way. It is a collective of cells all seeking and receiving well-being. It is an intelligent system. It knows what is needed when needed. It will always allow you to conduct whatever exploration you are currently choosing. At this current point in time, you are choosing the unique exploration with this unique child. You are now sharing the body with the child who has chosen you for its experience, whatever that may be.

If you resist the current state of your body in all its perfection, you are simply perceiving that something is wrong. You are choosing to dip into the consciousness of fear and lack. As such, you will attract thoughts that resonate with fear. These thoughts will ask you to protect yourself and change the conditions. You will continue to view the body as wrong. This is natural, yet it is your choice.

You have two possible choices to make; see the body as right or wrong. Since you normally enjoy a perfectly functioning body, you normally exist in a perfect state of alignment with your body. However, when you choose to view the body (or anything else in your life) as wrong, you are currently out of alignment with your body. The choice is yours. You can choose an empowering perspective, i.e. my body is functioning as it needs to within its current process of creating a new life or my body is not functioning properly.

The choice to see the body as doing everything it needs to do to create conditions for the experience of your baby is an empowered perspective and will benefit your baby, your body and yourself. The perspective that something is wrong will not be of benefit to all involved, since it is simply resistance. Your body is creating an expansive environment for your baby. The three of you are all co-creators. The presence of a new life form with its own intentions has created a body that may feel off to you. Each pregnancy is unique because the combination of you, your body at this age, and how you perceive yourself now has never been in existence before. This is a unique experience for all of you. You can either go with the flow of what is happening in joy knowing you are experiencing an expansive co-creative process or you can resist what’s happening. The choice is always yours.

In resistance, you will attract thoughts that ask you to put yourself above the needs and experiences of body and child. In alignment, you will know that your role in this experience is to support the development of the child and the current conditions of the body. You might think things should be different than they are, but this is limited thinking. Give yourself over to the perfection of the process and return to ease and alignment. In alignment, you’ll be inspired to do whatever is necessary to support the process the body and child are moving through. In the end you will come to know the perfection of this process.

With our love,
We are Joshua