I’ve been struggling with my muscular skeletal system being imbalanced and misaligned for over 20 years which also gives me BPPV ( I think it comes from my neck and shoulders) and my weight. I try everything for all these issues and it has improved slightly. My weight, no idea why I am overweight and it won’t come off. Please help!!

Thank you so much!!

Dear Terrie,

It is certainly understandable to look at a physical condition and perceive that it is wrong. From your perspective, you believe that if the physical difficulty did not exist, then your life would be better and you would feel good. You are assuming that your current feelings are the result of your unwanted bodily condition. We completely
understand why you believe that, but it just isn’t the case. Your condition is a reflection of your current vibration and the vibration you have been offering for a long time. That is not bad news, it’s really good news. If you want the conditions in your life to be different than they are, do not seek to change the conditions, rather seek to change your vibration. What is your vibration? It is your unique set of beliefs, feelings, expectations, attitudes and approach to life. Start by adjusting these things and your conditions will begin to change to match your new set of internal feelings.

Your feelings create your reality. How you perceive your reality affects how you feel about it. If you believe yourself to be unbalanced, the world to be unbalanced, or other people in your life to be out of balance, then your vibration is influenced by these perceptions. Change your basic set of perceptions by choosing higher and higher perspectives and gradually your conditions will change.

You feel negative emotion when you think of your unwanted bodily condition. It seems to you that the way to improve how you feel is to fix the condition. This is not true. You must change how you feel despite any unwanted condition. You must learn to accept your condition, love your body as it is, and see this all as a gift. It is the gift that led you to ask this question. It is the gift that is allowing you to find a new approach to life and a new way to perceive your reality. This is a gift that very few people receive. That’s the higher perspective.

There is only one way to alter your reality; you must choose to see it in a new way. Sometimes people sink to the depths of despair and then they are forced to go inwards to seek new information. When they hit rockbottom they realize that their approach to life did not serve them and so they seek a new approach. You do not have to hit rockbottom. You can choose to adopt this new approach to life. You can continue your exploration of these new ideas without hating your body. You can find a higher perspective that will soften your beliefs about yourself and your body. You can understand that indeed, there is no wrong and there’s nothing wrong with your body.

Your body can return to a state of well-being. However, if you are fighting against the condition of your body and using it as your excuse to feel bad, all you will receive are ideas to change the conditions. You will continue to seek treatments to fix the condition before you change your vibration. You can try all types of remedies and diets, but until you alter your vibration, nothing will be fixed. Your unwanted physical condition is nothing more than a message. It is feedback. It’s allowing you to see the vibration you have been offering for a long time.

Yes, a solution exists for you. There are ideas that will help the body change its shape. However, you must become a match to those ideas. You must find a way to feel good now, without needing your body to be different than it is. If you can feel good in the body you have now, you will receive inspiration. The inspiration will eventually lead you to a path of well-being. But you cannot find that path until you start to feel better about EVERYTHING that exists in your life right now. Feel good now and you will be led to a path that feels good because the path will always, always match how you are feeling.

With our love,
We are Joshua