Hello Joshua,

Is spirit attachment or spirit possession real? It seems lot of people are suffering from so called spirit attachment. Some people say schizophrenia and multiple personalities are caused by spirit attachment or spirit possession. I always think that people suffering from those illnesses have psychological trauma, so they try to escape reality by being schizophrenic. So, could you please comment on that? And if there is such a thing called spirit attachment or spirit possession, how to deal with it or get rid of the “spirit”?


Dear Teng,

Yes, spirit attachment is real. You are attached to your inner self. Is your inner self not a spirit. We would say that nonphysical entities are certainly spirit. You are attached to your guides and supporters who exist in the nonphysical. You are eternally linked to them all, but there is nothing negative in that.

We see that you might be associating spirit connection in this question with some sort of unwanted engagement with nonphysical entities. This is not possible. You must accept the guidance that can come forth from the nonphysical, just as Gary has agreed to our relationship with him. We are a group of spirits, so to speak. We do not possess Gary. This is a mutually beneficial relationship agreed to by all parties. And so it is true with all such spiritual relationships.

Are those people experiencing so attachment to nonphysical spirits? Certainly, but they are no different than you. They have access to their guides, supporters and their inner self, just as you do. But it is far more likely that they are experiencing fear and resistance and are not listening to the guidance that is coming forth through the nonphysical entities that are there to support them.

There is no dark force in the universe, there is only love or the resistance to love. It all depends on the perspective of the individual and the intentions they set prior to their births into this life. They may have chosen to explore the confusion of schizophrenia as it is based in fear. They may have such a limited perspective, due to some traumatic episode, that they find relief in having multiple personalities. They have the ability to raise their vibration and elevate their perspective, if they so choose. It seems like a big issue from your perspective, but it is just one life and this type of life will be expansive, therefore it has great value to all that is.

When you place you attention on someone else and fear what they are going through, you do so from a limited perspective. This is not helpful to them or to you. There is no problem here, simply a different way to experience physical reality. It might not be the way you want to experience it, but it is not you, it is them. Allow others to experience physical reality in whatever way they choose. Your work is to maintain your perspective so that you can personally stay aligned with the spirit you are attached to: your inner self. That’s all that will ever matter in your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua