Hi Joshua,

I am at my wits end with trying to help my daughter get over a cough. I use homeopathy and usually the right remedy will clear up an issue or at least improve it pretty quickly. I have been going on now for almost 3 days trying to find the ‘right’ remedy and the fact that I can’t get there is driving me absolutely nuts!!

I have been listening to the podcasts and am trying to put this into perspective, i.e. this is all happening for me, there is no wrong, everything is as it should be, this may be a manifestation event, etc. It has helped a bit to shift my perspective, but it got me to wondering how much of this inability to ‘cure’ my daughter of her cough has to do with HER maybe not wanting to be cured at this point because it is serving her interest to be laying in bed, resting.

Am I trying to find her cure but she is not really wanting it and that is why it’s not being found? There is plenty of times that I can find the right remedy pretty quickly and things improve but not this time. Are we more aligned during those other times? I hope this question make sense. Not being able to help her puts me in a bad place but I’ve been trying to be mindful about how this bad place can then impact my life.

Thanks so much!!

Dear Tasha,

You are completely right. When you are confident and free from fear, the right remedy will be given to you. You will attract the idea that works. However, as soon as you dip into a low emotional state, you cut yourself off from the right idea and attract ideas that are meant to cause you to feel better, not your daughter. You can try to improve your emotional state, but if you feel frustrated, then you know that your state is below the line and you have less access to ideas that will work.

Remember that you cannot create in another’s reality. If your daughter wanted or needed to be healed, she would be. If she wanted or needed to be sick for any reason, she would be. If she dips into a lower emotional state, she has less access to the remedy. It is never the remedy, but the belief in the remedy. Soon she will experience enough contrast and birth a strong desire to be healed and something will cause her to realign with well-being.

When you believe it is up to you to find the right remedy, then you are causing yourself to enter into a state of conflict and stress. If things aren’t working, your daughter will have less belief in the remedies that you are offering. Your emotional state is not allowing you to show confidence and she can perceive that.

At this point it might be a good idea to introduce something that will cause her to believe in a cure. It might be a very good time to introduce a doctor to the situation. Not because the doctor might cure her, but because she might believe in a cure coming from the elaborate perception that a doctor’s office, the doctor’s presence, and the prescription the doctor will offer. The confidence of the doctor might just allow you and your daughter to believe in the prescribed cure enough that the healing process will be allowed.

While we all know that the healing is done from within, it is nice to have some reliable outside influence to convince us that everything is always working out, even when it seems like it isn’t.

With our deep love for you and your daughter,
We are Joshua