Hi Joshua,

My daughter who is 9yo has suffered with bouts of croup each winter since she was young. I was under the impression that it should have resolved itself by now but she still gets these horrendous nightly attacks at least 1-2 times each winter. Is there something I’m doing (in my universe) to encourage these attacks? I know we can’t make things happen to others but I also seem to understand that we create our own universes so is there a way that I am creating this happening with her in MY universe? If so, what in the world can I do to stop these attacks?

She is not ready to talk about the law of attraction, at least in discussions with me, but would there be something she could do to stop these if she wanted? She lives what seems to be a very joyful life so I’m wondering what kind of negative emotions might be causing her to have these episodes. The most recent one followed on the very night that she had a devastating emotional shock of losing a beloved family pet. Could that have triggered this last event? Maybe each event is triggered by a separate emotional thing? I desperately would love to have her cured of this but I’m also wondering if it’s her path to follow.

Thanks yet again!

Dear Tasha,

All unwanted bodily conditions arise out of resistance. Children accumulate stress and naturally discharge stress through colds, rashes, coughs, etc. It is easier for them to relieve the negative emotions this way that to work it out in their minds. Generally, children will gain confidence as they grow and stress-induced resistance will subside and childhood ailments will disappear. However, unless they are able to deal with their emotions by understanding that they are resisting what is, they will develop other unwanted physical conditions as they grow older. We do not think it is too early to discuss the laws of the universe with your daughter.

The shock of a pet dying only feels bad when one believes that death is the end and that loss and separation are the result. Since this is not at all true, since there is no death, no loss and no separation, there is no reason to be concerned about the death of a beloved pet or anyone else. Your pet is with you now, and will be there when you make your transition. Your pet, like you, is an eternal being and you will always be connected.

If children understood how reality really worked, they would feel less negative emotion, build up less resistance to what is and have fewer unwanted bodily conditions. If children knew that they were the creators of their own reality, that they can be, do and have whatever they like when they consciously come into alignment with it, and that this world was created for their joyous expansion, they would stop worrying so much. Children instinctively know all about the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. It’s just that they have been influenced away from this knowledge by the people around them. If you want to help your daughter, you can start teaching her the reality beneath the illusion of physical reality. And the best way to teach her is to understand that everything is right and that everything is working out for her and you. Live life as if you believed in what we are saying is true and your daughter will follow your lead. Reduce you fear, reduce your judgment, reduce your worry and concern and elevate your faith in the powers of the universe.

You are right, your daughter is on her path and everything that is happening to her is happening to move her along that path as she intended prior to her birth. You daughter chose you as her mother because of your interest in the laws of the universe. She knew you would allow her to move along her path, even if the path seemed a little bumpy at times. She knew you would allow her inner guidance to guide her without too much interference. She knew you would allow her to retain her knowledge of universal forces and would not guide her away from what she already knows. She knew you would understand that she has a higher vibration than you do (as do all children who come into the world ready for the higher vibration of modern times) and you would not want to make her conform to what you believe is right. Your daughter chose you because she knew that you would give her the freedom to move along her path without the same influence that other parents exert over their children.

When you see your child in distress, you feel negative emotion and you want to change the conditions so that she feels better because it will make you feel better. What if you could see these situations from the higher perspective and understand that whatever is happening is happening for the benefit of your child? imagine that you cannot know how things will unfold, but if you interfere, you’ll alter the course. If this was your approach to parenting, you would intervene far less often, Your negative emotion would be relieved by your faith in universal powers and principles. You would allow things to unfold and watch as your child miraculously figures it all out on her own.

You are loved more than you could imagine,