Hi Joshua,

I am experiencing a lot of pain behind my right knee and pain in my right elbow. I’ve been trying to find the source of this pain and trying various methods to treat it naturally. However, I’ve been reading some of the questions and answers on this site and I’m beginning to get the message that this pain I’m feeling may be linked to unresolved emotions. So with that in mind, I started to think about what might have triggered this physical pain.

Looking back I believe I can link it with negative feelings I’ve been having towards some of my daughter’s friends who seem to be becoming closer and leaving her and a few other friends behind. It breaks my heart and it makes me feel really angry. My daughter doesn’t feel anger about it, at least she hasn’t voiced it to me. But I’m carrying around this anger. Obsessing about it at times. So, my question is do you think these two events are linked?

It make sense that they may be but how in the world do I confirm this? What do I do with this anger? I understand needing to let it go but how do I completely cleanse myself of it so that I may be able to address the physical expression of pain? There are so many events in our lives that cause stuff and I primarily want this pain to go away so I’d like to hit the right emotional target to address.

Thanks so much!!

Dear Tasha,

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. The only way to perceive something as wrong is to look at it from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, you will see the condition as right, every time. From your limited perspective so close to the action, you see that something unwanted is happening to your daughter. You feel for her. You feel your own negative emotions and you want the condition to change so that you and your daughter feel better. However, the conditions are for the benefit of your daughter.

You think that if her friends would include her, that would be a good thing. You are forgetting that the universe is responding to what your daughter really wants. The fact that these friends are pulling away is proof that the universe is working. You can’t know how it will unfold. All you can do is realize that you cannot stop it because you cannot create in your daughter’s reality. Your daughter is making this happen. There are things she wants to explore in life and this situation is forming a trajectory that will lead her where she wants to go. If you make this a big deal, you’ll influence her in a way that will reshape this trajectory. She will adopt more resistance to what is happening just as you have and she will manifest physical conditions just as you have.

Imagine if there is a person out there who your daughter must meet if she is to find her passion in life? We are not saying this is true because it’s far more complicated than that, but we simply want you to follow along with our analogy. There is one person who will move your daughter in the direction of this subject she has come to Earth to explore. If your daughter is stuck in a tight group of friends, she will not become friends with this new person. Shen must untie herself from this current group so that she will be available to this new person. That person may have been there the whole time, yet because of her entanglement with this clique, she never allowed the friendship to get off the ground. As the old friends leave, she’ll create a desire to make new friends and this new person can now enter her life.

Your daughter’s vibration is raising. She is allowing this all to transpire without much fuss or resistance. This is how you know it’s right. If she seems okay with it, it’s because she is getting positive guidance from her inner self. She is being reassured from the inside. She is beginning to imagine new friends. The only block in her path to getting what she truly wants is you.

Now we certainly don’t want you to think that you’re doing anything wrong. On the contrary, you’re doing what mothers are meant to do. You are protecting your child. However, in this case, she does not need or want your protection. What she wants is to know that everything is working out perfectly. And it is – for both of you.