Hi Joshua,

Thank you for taking my question! My question relates to health and family. I have always been attracted and (lay) practiced homeopathy. Recently I had an opportunity to take some classes and it’s been wonderful. What’s happening now though is I’m hearing and reading about the different ways to practice homeopathy with some of the styles much different from each other and it’s bringing lots of confusion to me.

I was thrilled with my classes and looking forward to practicing what I learned and then ran into fear-based contradictions. My question to you is: how do I know that the one I choose to follow is the “right” one. There are some practitioners out there who are good at making a case for their own style and others who have had me questioning the style that I’m learning. Every group has their own opinion and I just want to make sure I’m choosing the “right” style to practice. I’m not out to treat the world, just my family and I want to do the best possible thing for them.


Dear Tasha,

The interesting thing about decisions is that you cannot make a wrong one. Whether you truly understand this or not, you are led by the vibrational signal you are sending. This is why so many people have so many differing opinions. Which one is right? They all are.

We know this sounds confusing, but it is a basic tenet of the universe. You will be guided to or from that which aligns or does not align with whatever you believe. It is your belief, your intuition, your faith, your confidence and your fears that all form your vibrational signal. If you are confident in what you are doing, you will find that the results will match your state of being and your beliefs. If you are insecure about whatever it is you are practicing, you will find conflicting evidence and opinions. It’s always up to you.

This is how things generally go whenever you are starting something new. You will have interest in something and you will be led, based on that interest, to the thing that best matches it. This is the Law of Attraction at work. As you are involved in that interest, you block out any distractions and you quite enjoy the experience. However, at some point something happens to break your confidence and you begin to question it all. The Law of Attraction provides you with more information that is conflicting because you’ve moved from a state of confidence to a state of questioning or insecurity. Can you see that it’s all a reflection of how you are feeling?

So we will say that there is a simple answer for all of this. Follow your interests and they will lead you to new ideas. Understand that when you question something, the universe brings you many alternatives from which to choose. New paths open and this is a very good thing. It may feel confusing at the time, but when you realize it’s all part of the process of growth, you can move to new interests whenever they pop up. If you are open to this you will be led easily to the best practice for you.

You have to start somewhere and so you found a homeopathic style that matched your beliefs at the time. As you became more experienced and involved yourself deeper and deeper in the interest, you raised your vibration in this area and new ideas came to you. The new ideas seem to contradict some of the old ideas, but because you have changed your vibration, you now have access to ideas that were previously unavailable to you. When you finally choose a new style, one that matches your current vibration, you can go confidently and blissfully pursuing that for a while. Soon your vibration will raise again and you’ll step out of confidence and into confusion as new ideas are made available to you. Don’t ever worry, this is the eternal process of expansion. It’s never-ending.

Simply follow your interests wherever they lead and you will never make a wrong choice. It might seem as if one choice is better than the other, but the reality is that they are identical. In the end you will go wherever you go based on the vibrational signal you are sending.

You have more support coming from the nonphysical realm than you could ever imagine. You are being led and if you can relax and go with the flow of your interests, you will be guided to the best practice for you and your loved ones.