Hello Joshua,

I work in the field of mental health. I have met so many people over the years who are absolutely tortured because of their mental illness. Very recently a client finally killed herself at the tender age of 20 after years of serious self harm, detention in psychiatric hospitals and the unremitting torture of the voices in her head telling her that she is worthless and the world would be a better place if she just killed herself. This is not unusual. There is no joy in their short and sad lives, only pain to the extent that they can only get relief from ending their lives. What is your explanation for this?


Dear Tammy,

We will start by saying that all humans have access to Source energy and the nonresistant stream of consciousness that flows from Source. All humans also have the ability to tap into other streams of consciousness based in fear. No one is without the ability to direct their intention to link to any stream of consciousness. In the nonphysical, without resistance and fear, the connection to Source is unrestricted. In physical reality, many come to explore the unavailable stream of lack-based, fearbased consciousness. From the higher perspective, there is nothing wrong with this, because from our perspective, it is but a brief exploration. When one has fully completed their exploration of any subject, they can choose another exploration in physical reality or simply return to the nonphysical. There is no wrong in any of it.

All humans are born with different intentions, different bodies and are on their own unique journey of self discovery. Some choose to be tall or short, white, black or brown, born here or there to these parents or those. It is always a choice that is made from the nonphysical. Those choices are clear and intentional. There is no wrong in any of it.

From the limited perspective of man, one may judge another’s experience of physical reality to be better or worse than their’s. Man may strive to explore something different than what they are presently exploring. When you look at someone who appears to be struggling, you do so from a limited perspective based on your personal and unique set of beliefs. When you do this, you also dip into a fear-based stream of consciousness and you see some of what they are feeling. It has not to do with their mind. Their minds are not broken. It has to do with the experiences they intended to explore prior to their births. They are not wrong or broken, they are simply living in great resistance and are more connected to fear-based streams of consciousness.

We understand that you are an uplifter and a teacher. You seek to assist others in their exploration of physical reality. Some will benefit from your assistance and others will ignore your attempts to save them. Why is this? Because some will be satisfied with the explorations they have made and others seek to dip even deeper into those antistreams. It is not for you to create in the reality of others for you too came to make your own exploration of physical reality. You came in as a powerful and developed explorer of physical reality. You have already explored the anti-streams of consciousness enough to satisfy your curiosity. Now you must think about what you truly want and leave the rest to those still in the midst of their explorations.

You must understand that the physical realm was created for the sole purpose of exploring possibilities that are not available (in the same way) in the nonphysical realm. In the nonphysical, you can play with ideas and scenarios to a certain extent. But since you are fully connected to Source energy, you cannot feel the reality that is present in the illusion of physical reality. This is the purpose and the benefit of the physical realm. It allows all who choose to come to explore subjects in a highly intense and seemingly real manner.

Humans are exploring all sorts of subjects that are not available in the nonphysical. They explore lack, which is really an illusion. They explore the illusion of loneliness, unworthiness, and failure. They explore the illusion of loss and suffering. It is all an illusion, but the illusion serves its purpose. You must think about what you want. You do not truly want to fix others. You want clarity. You want to know that everything is all right. You want to conduct your own exploration in an intentional way. You want clarity. You can choose to see anything from the limited perspective and when you do this, you dip into the streams of consciousness based in fear. When you see all as good and right, you maintain your alignment and you fully connect to the stream of Source consciousness based in LOVE!

With all our LOVE,