Dear Joshua,

How would one go about changing a bodily condition such as skin damage, when going to a modern day doctor who sees only the physical issues and has one approach, usually involving surgery. This idea seems upstream and yet it’s challenging to discover the ease and flow of this. Much appreciating your wonderful book. Thank you in advance!

Thank you,

Dear Susan,

Another word for spiritual growth is expansion. All life experience causes expansion. However, expansion is meant to be joyous.

Thank you for your question which is at the heart of every question regarding the cure of any physical condition, such as a disease. When you find yourself with a disease, what do you do? You have learned much about the mechanism of physical reality and universal forces and you want to use what you’ve learned to ease your physical condition. To you it seems as though doctors, who do not appear to know anything about how vibrations work, are going about healing in unconscious ways. However, this is not entirely true.

Doctors are focused on well-being and recovery. They are tuned to the state of full health. They have spent years tuning themselves, often in very particular and specialized fields, to the wellbeing of their patients. When they see your condition, they really see your full recovery and so, without knowing it, they are working within the laws of the universe.

When you birth a desire, your inner self aligns with that desire and guides you to it. Sometimes this guidance seems contrary to what you know to be true. If you feel negative emotion, that is your indicator that you are not seeing the situation as your inner self is seeing it. If you are guided to one specific course of action, one specific doctor, one specific treatment, but you doubt this guidance as coming from within, you might miss the treatment that was set up for you all along.

Just because a doctor might not be consciously aware of the universal forces at play, doesn’t mean he or she is not operating in tune with those forces. Think about how vibrational alignment really works. You have a desire and you come into alignment with the feeling of that desire and it manifests into your reality. A basketball player comes into alignment with his desire to throw a ball into a hoop by doing it over and over. How do most people come into alignment with their desires? Through practice. Doctors spend years and years studying and practicing so they they become aligned with what they want; healing their patients.

If you are wanting perfect physical health, your inner self is guiding you to that end. The universe does not worry about who knows more about the forces of physical reality. The universe seeks the path of least resistance. It’s quite possible that surgery, for some, might just be the path of least resistance to the cure that one seeks.

Relax and try to look at the conditions you find yourself in from the higher perspective. Imagine that everything is working out for your benefit. Going downstream means that you are allowing the conditions to play out as they must and having faith that it’s all working out for you. Your condition seems serious, but remember, there is nothing serious going on here. As you attempt to coerce the conditions so that they suit your limited perspective of the big picture, you are simply resisting more of what is.

Identify that healing is what you seek and allow the universe to guide you to that end. Maintain a positive emotional state of being, even in the unwanted conditions, and you will be swept towards full recovery. Doubt causes you to fear the unknown and this is not helpful. Trust that everything is working out as long as you do not get in your own way.

Look for the coincidences along the way that will confirm that what is happening is right for you. How did things come about? Is any of it unusual? If so, this might be a sign that you’re heading in the right direction. Ease is the feeling you’re looking for. You allow ease when you have faith that you are loved, that you are being taken care of, that your inner self is fully aware of you and what you desire, and that the laws of the universe are always guiding you to what is wanted.

You are loved and supported more than you can imagine.