Dear Joshua,

My conclusion and many others is that time and gravity take its toll on the human body. I seem to have a harder time in my 60s with staying upbeat about the aging process. There are times I marvel at how well my body has held up, quite surprised at how good it looks and then a waver back and forth as little annoying things pop up. I definitely have too much awareness going on about my changing body and it’s almost annoying.

I just want a new mindset that benefits me.


Dear Sue,

From a limited perspective, it may seem as if the body is deteriorating. However, this is not the case at all. There is a deign in place. The aging process is part of that design. The design allows for the aspects of time and space to create opportunities for new perspectives. With each step you take, you are able to perceive your world from a new perspective. In each moment of time, you are able to perceive your reality from a new perspective. Your body changes and with each change, you are able to see yourself from a new perspective. You came for the expansion achieved with each new perspective and so the aging of your body is part of the perfect mechanism for new and expansive perspectives.

You might choose a time in life when your body appeared to be at it’s most favorable state. You might say that when you were 22, your body was perfect. Others might choose to see that their body is currently in the best condition ever at this moment in time, no matter the age. It is an individual choice of perspective. We will offer that the perspective is up to you and you alone choose your perspective. There is no other inherent truth. How you choose to see your body is the truth of your reality.

One the day you were born your body was a perfect representation of your vibration at that time. You would not want it to be any different than it was. This is true of every day in your life. Your body at 10, 20, 30, 40 years old, was perfect given the exploration you were choosing at the time. However, you have created what you perceive as a perfect state of being in regards to your body. You tend to judge conditions having to do with your body as good or bad. These judgments are always based in fear and are disempowering.

Others may choose to compare themselves with ideals that are not real. They may see another person with a leaner or fitter body, yet that other body is perfectly designed for the other person’s unique experience of life; not yours. You would truly not want to have any other body, because it would not match your exploration and would not allow you to have the expansive experiences you intended to have. You would not want to have the body now that you had when you were 5, 10, 15 or 20, because it would not fit within the exploration you are currently conducting. The body you have now is perfect for your current exploration.

If you can ease your resistance to the natural change in your body, you lessen the need for your body to create manifestation events. These event are orchestrated to bring you to new levels of awareness. If you can get to a state of appreciation for the perfection of your body and remove your attention from anything perceived as wrong or bad, you lessen the fear and resistance contained within the body. Your body has been, is now and will forever be a perfect match to the vibration you are offering. Offer less resistance and you ease the stress and inner conflict with the body and the body returns to it’s natural state of well being.

With our love,
We are Joshua