Dear Joshua,

I have recently gone for biopsy’s on 2 spots on my face. I should hear back next week on the next step. I’m wanting to know how to get into the best possible place on this. For a long time the thought of going to a doctor was terrifying, but I’ve eased my way over the past few months into considering it.

At first I was pretty calm about this, this skin doctor highly recommended by a friend, she said it’s pretty much a simple procedure and a common issue. But of course I’ve dug deeper and now I’ve gotten pretty freaked out instead.

I’ve been working on limiting beliefs and having great results but somehow this feels much bigger so I’d appreciate some guidance.

Thanks so much.

Dear Sue,

Your imagination is a wonderful thing when used in an empowering way. In alignment, you can use your imagination to discover all the best possible outcomes. You can imagine how everything is always working out. You can use it to find ease and continued alignment. When used properly, your imagination can be comforting and helpful.

However, when you dip into a lower emotional state of being, because you feel something wrong is happening, then you tend to use your imagination to conjure up the worst possible outcome. This is simply a limited way to go about things. If everything has always and will always work out for your highest good, then why allow yourself to use your imagination to take you out of alignment? It’s simply a lack of focus.

Everything that comes to you is for you. Everything that happens, is happening for your direct benefit. You can’t know what the exact outcome will be, but you can use your imagination to aid in your alignment as you go through any situation. You can be curious and think of all the possible benefits. You can remain calm in the present knowing that everything as it exists right now is good. Everything that has existed in the moment in your past has always been good. So then, why should anything be different now?

Ease your concern over what is going to happen and simply go with the flow of what is happening. You can know for certain that when you feel good in alignment, you will always receive inspiration that will lead you to the best possible outcome.

Use your imagination to conjure a future where you will be looking back at this time in your life. In a year from now, you will see how easily and simply everything worked out. It wasn’t a big deal after all. It was just a simple procedure. It was nothing. You will laugh at how worked up you got yourself and you’ll realize that none of that was ever necessary. There is no need to change your course. Everything is always working out for your highest good.

You can’t know where this will lead. You can’t know how you will expand through this experience. You do not know what this is preparing you for. You can know that this is an expansive experience and you will see things from a new perspective. Maintain your alignment and you’ll receive inspiration all along the way. This is no difference from any other expansive moment in your life. It will be overcome and you will expand to a new place. You can choose to suffer needlessly as you expand or you can use it as a way to inspire others. You can expand in joy and you can be an example of alignment to others.

Imagine floating through this experience in joy. You are not saddened by this event, you are happy for it. You do not see anything as bad or wrong, you are neutral to all of it. You joyfully meet the doctor and nurses. You happily make your appointments. You joke and laugh with others. You do not take any of it seriously. You accomplish all of this by looking at it from the higher perspective.

From the higher perspective, this is a non-event. It will not even register in your memory banks. You will not recall most of it. It will be like going to the dentist some time in your past. Do you remember much of that event? Hardly at all. It was a nonissue and so will this be. By pouring energy and suffering into it, you remove yourself from your creative powers. By leaning into it and being curious as to what will unfold as a result of the event, you bring forth the healing energy of the universe. Do not let it be more than it is. Use your imagination to put this event in its rightful place. It is nothing and you need not add unnecessary energy to it.

With our love,
We are Joshua