Dear Joshua,

I have an excellent question which I’m sure you have an excellent answer to. Being in the natural food business as I am, there are several movements toward healthier food systems, better farming practices, less toxins and or chemicals.

Customers love passing on the latest information they find regarding documentaries about GMOs and the growing threat to our food system and waterways as we continue to use products such as Round Up on crops.

While we support healthy choices and farming practices that feed and nourish the land, we also don’t wish to add to the worries of the world and our customers by reminding them of the evils of industry on a regular basis.

So……..I would love your thoughts on having this knowledge and utilizing it in the most positive way. There seems to be a bunch of limiting beliefs in here.

Thank you.
Much Appreciation,

Dear Sue,

From a limited perspective, one might draw the conclusion that things are going wrong. This perspective can only be limited. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, there really is no need to worry about such things. People have worried and worried about all sorts of problems throughout history and now look where you are. The perception of a problem births great desires and The law of Attraction is always responding to those desires. You cannot see it from where you are now, but there will be technologies invented to “solve” your perceived problems. Since there are no true problems to solve, the technologies really are simply responding to your desires.

This is a personal reality. You are the center of your universe. You are responsible for the creation of your personal reality, not anyone else’s. In your business, which has developed from an interest, you attract customers who are also interested in what you offer. Some of those customers are existing on the love side of the spectrum and they enjoy healthy foods and products because it makes them feel good personally. Other customers exist on the fear side of the spectrum and they are simply trying to solve perceived problems their own health and with the world’s food supply. If you are focusing on acceptance of what is, then your decisions are based on personal preferences. What do you personally prefer to move toward? Is it your own personal health and well-being? Then that is based in love and it is a wonderful idea. If you are trying to change something outside of you, like the world’s food supply and system, or fix a perceived problem with your perception of your own health, then you are pushing against what is. This will never be aligned with who you really are and what you truly want.

You can take any subject on earth and pick at the problems or focus on the positive aspects. Guess which approach is perfectly aligned with who you really are? Those fooled by the illusion of control will always focus on the problem and for them, the problem will always increase in intensity. It’s never a real problem, only the illusion of a problem as perceived from a very limited perspective.

In time, as your society moves from fear to love, those based in love will be drawn to a passion. That passion will enable them to receive inspired ideas. Those ideas will be transformed into physical inventions and practices that will lead to the food supply you prefer. However, that food supply exists now if you are inspired to find it and engage it it. It is certainly not necessary to worry because your current system of food production and distribution has never been more fantastic, efficient or abundant in the history of your society. Those living just a century ago would marvel at the ease of the system and the bounty it provides. Appreciate what is and you will move toward that which you prefer.

With our love,
We are Joshua