Dear Joshua,

I’m an excellent manifestor of many great things and I do understand how I do it most of the time. I can even understand how I have attracted some skin issues over the last few years. But I’m having a challenging time seeing how this is happening for me or should I say getting started, to get my train going in a wanted direction on this. No doubt I want them to go away, but mostly I want to diminish any fear around this, to lighten up about it. It truly is a challenge when your “treating”something daily to get your mind off of it.

Beliefs around being fair skinned, skin damaging affects of the sun, everyone seeming to be afraid of the sun bla bla bla all seem to be active and I’m looking to deactivate this and activate something new and empowering!

Thanks for your clarity on this.

Love you,

Dear Sue,

If you did not have the limiting belief that skin should be clear, you could not perceive that your skin was anything other than perfectly healthy. If you believed that your skin was perfectly healthy, as you might believe other parts of your body are perfectly healthy now, then your skin would receive all the well-being that is constantly being delivered. So it is not your skin that needs to be altered, it’s your limiting beliefs. Do not attempt to treat your skin for something you perceive as wrong. Allow yourself to see your skin as perfect as it is and then regain your alignment. In alignment, you’ll receive inspiration to act. The inspiration will lead you to whatever your skin needs; if there is anything it needs. It might just be fine as it is.

You believe that the look of your skin means something about you. It does not. You are not your body, just as you are not your car. Your car is a vehicle that allows you to move around. That is also true of your body. It’s just a vehicle. It does not define you. As long as it allows you to move around physical reality, then it’s doing its job. You can leave it at that. If your body needs something, such as air, water, food, etc. It will notify you. If your body needs to repair itself in any way, you will receive inspiration. If you think something is wrong with your body, you will dip into a lower emotional state of being and attract urges to change the conditions. This causes inner conflict and stress on the body. That stress manifests into unwanted physical conditions.

You are in a bootcamp designed to teach you to perceive everything as right. When you perceive anything as wrong, you are focusing on that subject and the Law of Attraction must bring you more experiences to match that subject. If this is what you do not prefer, then you must leave it be, accept it as perfect, and remove your attention from it. There is no benefit in seeing anything as a problem. The perception of a problem will cause you to attract solutions based in fear. Anything based in fear will not lead you to where you want to go. You are a being of love and acceptance. This issue is teaching you acceptance on a cellular level!

Accept what is and your life will radically change. Try to change what is and whatever it is that you do not like will grow. There is momentum in your focus of attention. You must find a way to completely and absolutely accept every facet of yourself, every one else and the world around you. Currently you accept many things and that is very good. In these areas, you are a master manifestor. However, when your focus is split on that which you appreciate and that which you do not, you create a reality that attracts some of what you prefer and some of what you do not prefer. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, as all contrast births new desires and new trajectories. It’s just not an effective way to create the life you truly desire. This is what you are learning now.

With our love,
We are Joshua