Dear Joshua,

I am embarking on what sometimes seems like the giant task of figuring out what to eat again… after years of following moderate to highly restrictive dietary plans. It’s usually been in an attempt to control conditions (clear up acne, or feel less lethargic, or lose weight, or save animals, etc…). I realize that now. I find that many years of having very strong negative opinions about certain foods has left me wondering whether I actually don’t handle certain foods well, or if I am relying on some opinion I picked up along the way (a limiting belief if you will). For instance: gluten, meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar, fermented foods, raw vs. cooked foods, etc… Lately when I look in the refrigerator or at a menu, so many thoughts poor into my head it feels like a needlessly overwhelming experience. Can you offer me some clarity on how I will find my way towards a more inspired approach to eating?

In gratitude,

Dear Sirgun,

Clarity is always gained through the acceptance of what is. Doubt is created by the illusion of wrong. If you were to accept everything as good, you would be led easily and naturally to the foods that support your body. Your body is always moving toward what it needs to allow it to support your exploration. If you are exploring lack or the wrongness of something, your body will support you in the exploration, but maybe not in the way you imagine.

Imagine the manifestation of acne. The acne arises to support who you truly are as you perceive yourself to be less than that. In the onset of acne, you can know for certain that there is a bit of fear in your vibration and the fear manifests as an unwanted skin condition. The acne is there to support you by allowing you the opportunity to discover a limiting belief about yourself. It’s simply a reflection of your fear (or wobble) in your vibration. It is part of the reflection of that vibration. You do not want to clear the skin, you want to clear the wobble.

If you have intellectual issues around certain foods or what the consumption of those foods might mean to you or the animals themselves, it is simply fear. In a natural world with a high degree of clarity, you would know that no food is bad or wrong in itself. In the absence of fear, you would simply gravitate to certain foods that would allow the body to receive optimum well-being. In the resistance to certain foods, the body (or something else) will highlight the flaw in your reasoning.

Let’s assume that everything is right and there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. So then, is gluten right? If there is no wrong, gluten must be right. Is it right for you? That’s an interesting question. If you resist the general idea of gluten, because you think it’s bad or wrong, then you might avoid it. You do so from a stance of fear. In order to be safe from fear, you say, “I must control my conditions in order to avoid that which I fear.” Now, gluten itself is irrelevant. It’s completely about your approach to the subject. Are you being a being of love or fear? Are you resting or allowing? Are you being the creator of your reality or the victim of fate? It addresses your entire approach to life. This is true of anything that causes irrational fear. It’s never the subject at hand, it’s your entire approach to life.

Let’s assume that nothing is right or wrong and it’s all neutral. You look at a piece of steak on a plate. What do you think? You might perceive that some poor animal suffered in the process of delivering food to the plate. However, you cannot ever know this to be true. You do not know the cow’s name, age, or place of birth. You do not know the intentions the animal set prior to its birth. You cannot know the exploration the cow was here to conduct. All you can do is use your imagination to create a story. That story is either empowering or limiting. It’s either based in fear and control or love and acceptance. If you want to gravitate toward those aspects of physical reality that support the optimal health of the body, you must firmly plant yourself in a stance of love and acceptance about all things.

Your body knows what it needs and what it does not. Your body will send you inspiring ideas and thoughts when you are in a state of alignment. It has always been sending you these messages, but sometimes you are not in alignment with the system as a whole. You might receive the desire to eat meat and due to your limiting beliefs and untrained imagination, you discount the thought before it even registers. You might consider how you will be perceived by others. Never mind the body, think about who you truly are and how you are being. Are you being the being of love and acceptance or are you living in fear and control?

With our love,
We are Joshua